Brown mittens sold-and my 1st craft supplies swap

>> Monday, January 16, 2006

I sold my first pair of mittens today! They went to a friend at my old job. She tried on the purple and pink mittens and liked the feel of them, but wanted a more earthy colour and no embroidery. I suggested the brown and in the end she was very happy with the mittens. I felted them just a little bit, so they're a bit denser which will make them warmer. It was kind of in between just blocking and actually felting them and it turned out really well. I also used a detail from my recent The Owl and the Pussycat illustration for the tag when I wrapped it.

In other craft news, I received my first crafts swap from Teresa in Portugal. She was interested in the merino wool I had to swap so she'd be inspired to try knitting. I hope it worked! This is the cute package she sent in exchange:

If you look in the top photo there's a candy on top of the card. I'm embarrassed to admit there were a lot more of those earlier today but I ate them before I got around to taking the picture. They were delicious! I like citrus anything, candy, cake, tarts, soap, graphic motif, anything. So thank you Teresa for the lovely package. I already have plans for the flower fabric, so I'll post that project soon.


molly | January 17, 2006  

i love that you slightly felted the mittens. what a great idea. I'm going to have to try that on my next pair.

Toni January 17, 2006  

What lovely trims! That was a fun swap.

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