Floral fabric messenger bag

>> Sunday, January 01, 2006

I can't seem to stop making crafts. I became fixated on sewing a new messenger style bag after realizing that my nanna denim/bird fabric bag was rubbing blue marks onto my new white parka (so warm, very cheering in this weather). So I pulled out my bags of vintage fabric and found a floral print I've been meaning to use for years. The thing is, it's new year's day, I have illustration work to do, I'm tired from being up very late, and I can't seem to stop crafting! It's not exactly urgent, I have other bags (believe me) but once I get the idea I can't really wait. I'm not a very patient person. This is also part of the trouble with my sewing, I don't take time to plan it all out, sew the pockets on before putting together the bag etc. And zippers... well I don't really need zippers on the pockets do I?

I should have spent more time choosing the fabric, it's just too floral. I love the fabric, the colours, but maybe it's just too much. The good news is that it works perfectly, it's just the right size for all my illustration papers, travel mug, pencil case, etc. So now I can go to the coffee shop and stop procrastinating.


Anonymous,  January 03, 2006  

I love this bag, it is perfect. I am also bad in the planning stage, but hey we just end up with gorgeously simple bags.

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