Centre-pull ball of yarn

>> Saturday, January 07, 2006

I was excited about my new discovery and wanted to share it. I like centre-pull balls of yarn, and I've been eyeing yarn winders in knitting stores and thinking about getting one. But of course not really wanting to spend the money or store the awkward thing along with my excessive yarn stash, sewing supplies etc. So I was very interested in this post.

Investigating further, I found this great tutorial (that even has a movie showing you how!) on this page: http://www.icanspin.com/noste.htm

And finally in keeping with my Spartan waste-not-want-not upbringing, I experimented myself with a little cardboard tube (1 cm diameter) that I found in a flea market sewing box that I had found (and bought of course) filled with odds and ends. I think it was a cardboard spool for thread. In any case, it resulted in a beautifully wound centre-pull ball of yarn. The only reason that it may look slightly wobbly is that the yarn was knitted previously and is a bit curly. This is actually my first attempt. So there you go, I urge you to try this yourself!


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