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>> Monday, January 09, 2006

I forgot to mention that illustrating "The Owl and the Pussycat" was Bradley's idea. As soon as he suggested it I knew that it was what I wanted to do. I like drawing owls, and animal characters in general. So thanks to Bradley for the idea!

And speaking of owls, pictured above is the lovely little owl from felt that Bradley sewed for me as a present. The pattern came from a thrift store find, a book on creating stuffed animals based on the Winnie the Pooh characters. He is very small, 3 inches tall with a wingspan of 6.5 inches.

Also, little owl is the first subject for my new digital camera! It's true I finally have my own digital camera. I've been worrying literally for years about which one to buy. I finally took the bull by the horns and went with a suggestion I read on Posy Gets Cozy and bought the Canon PowerShot A80. She wrote a great tutorial on her blog about taking digital pictures and even how to adjust them in Photoshop. After reading her description I thought that she wanted exactly what I want from a camera, plus her photos look great, plus I followed up and read great reviews of the camera online. I had done a lot of research previously so when I read about this camera I knew it had the features I wanted. (One cool thing is that you can buy a waterproof case for it, which would be so much fun someday so I can take snorkelling pictures.) I took another chance and bought mine on ebay, which seems to have turned out well, I saved a lot and it arrived from the U.S. five days after I won the auction. They sent the wrong card with it, which they'll replace, but in the meantime my brother said I could have his old card, so I don't have to wait to try it out. Yay!

p.s. little owl looks a little sad in the picture, but he's really not I think he's just shy in front of the camera.


Anonymous,  January 09, 2006  

Congrats on getting a new camera. I'm the same as you, it can take me years to decide on a purchase. I always worry that I'm missing out on the perfect one, because I don't know enough about it.
That's a lovely little owl.

Anonymous,  January 10, 2006  

The owl is too cute.

I admire you types who can commit to lots and lots of research before making a decision. I rely on gut instincts a lot, probably too much when it comes to things like technology purchases!

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