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>> Friday, January 13, 2006

I discovered some new blogs that I like last night, and added them to my favourite blogs at the side. I decided to add stars to recent ones, so people can see the new ones and try them out! And while you're at it, visit one of my favourites for some time now, wise craft.

Both dioramarama and plump pudding mentioned vintage handkerchiefs, which inspired me to post some of mine. I'm not a collector, but I find when I go to flea markets I can't seem to resist them. Dioramarama posted about a book she had received called Handkerchiefs: A Collector's Guide. This got me thinking about the handkerchief set from my childhood that really haunts me. Yes, I did carry around handkerchiefs as a child. Not because I grew up in the 40s, but because our family still had some old-fashioned British traditions going on in the 70s and 80s, things I still really love, such as afternoon tea, hot water bottles and handkerchiefs. Anyway back to my favourite set, now long gone, it was white and each handkerchief was embroidered with a day of the week and a little animal in the corner. The animal was some kind of small anthropomorphized figure, and in some cases it wasn't exactly clear what kind of animal it was, but they were really charming. I've looked, but I have never been able to find them. The closest is the Sunday one in the middle. Here is a detail:

I love it, but it's just not the same as my animal set, so if you ever find the animal days of the week, and want to swap for them, or sell them to me, please email me!


Anonymous,  January 13, 2006  

Maybe you should make yourself a replica set! There's a craft project for you......

Anonymous,  January 13, 2006  

I love handkerchiefs. I was given a pale blue one when I got married and since then I've accumulated several I love. Thanks for the mention too, I love your blog and it inspires me daily. : )

Anonymous,  January 13, 2006  

I have a very small collection too - I must photograph them some time.

Samantha January 14, 2006  

i just love vintage handkerchiefs. I have some of Paris and the Eiffel Tower thatI have had for years.

I am just waiting for the right project for them.

Anonymous,  January 16, 2006  

I love vintage handkerchiefs and napkins and potholders...

My best find was this gorgeous potholder at an antique store in North-East Wisconsin. It is white with little blue flowers and so lovely. And at $4 it was worth every penny to me.

Yours are all very pretty. :)

Claire Louise Milne January 16, 2006  

Sounds lovely! It's so great when you find some little treasure like that.

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