Corners of my home - front hallway

>> Saturday, January 14, 2006

My front hallway with the basket where I keep all my hats, scarves and mittens. Also my bags including a beautiful bag I bought at a store I discovered near St. Lawrence market recently. It's called Pink Poppy and like Propaganda it's full of handmade goodies from local artists and crafters. Inside is Jeero, who is in charge of my keys and is always vigilant, prepared to open the door at any moment. He is next to the green scarf made for me by Bradley from the skein of yarn he learned to knit with (Bradley not Jeero).


Anonymous,  January 14, 2006  

I love the fabric that bag is made of! So cute! And how nice that you have a little guy to help keep track of your keys, I need one of those.

Claire Louise Milne January 14, 2006  

I know, I love the birds and the lining complements it perfectly. It's reversible. Great fabric is my excuse to buy something I already know how to make myself! Oh, plus contributing to a fellow crafter's career.

Toni January 17, 2006  

I really love the fabric the bag is made from too! and that little monster guy peeking out...too cute!

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