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>> Friday, January 13, 2006

Another blog I've been enjoying lately is tree fall design and I've added it to my blog list. I found it through a comment left on needle book, then forgot to bookmark it and couldn't find it again. I did some googling but couldn't come up with the name. Luckily Manda at tree fall design left me some new comments and I found her blog again, and there were lots of lovely new posts.

Lots of people are really enjoying Amanda's "corners of my home" idea, and in fact I was just talking about this very thing with a girlfriend a couple of days ago over coffee. I go to blogs because they inspire me with beautiful arts & crafts, illustration and design, but I also love the sneak peeks into the little everyday things, handmade cushions on couches, a knitted toy sitting in the snow, cluttered crafting corners. So the picture above is my contribution, a set of bookshelves which I like to call the library, despite the fact that they hold less than 25% of my many many books.
First bookshelf:
On top: a reproduction vintage robot I bought for Bradley, a green piece of a wooden train set made by my dad as a baby toy, an old "baby ben" clock, a wooden russian doll and picture frames. Inside: Edward Eager's magic story books, A Room with a View, the Mary Poppins series, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Daniel M. Pinkwater and Roald Dahl books, my Kate Greenaway birthday book, Curious George money box, miniature book collection, mini robot clock, Little House on the Prairie box set, miscellaneous literature such as Tolstoy and Thomas Hardy.

Second bookshelf:
On top: wool llama, hat box, antique sewing box from great aunt given to me as a child (which I finally stopped using because it was literally falling apart). Inside: more literature, Douglas Adams books, vintage box lined with green silk, with embroidery threads in it, Peanuts book collection, my beloved Finn Family Moomintroll books.

These wonderful shelves were custom made with wood from my old futon bedframe by my good friend Ben, who is currently in Japan working on his materials engineering research and (hopefully) buying me Japanese crafts books.


Anonymous,  January 14, 2006  

I love those tin robots too! I just bought the same orange/yellow one a couple of days ago. My son will be receiving it tomorrow for his 5th birthday -- we are slowly building his collection.

Anonymous,  January 14, 2006  

Lovely library! What wonderful shelves.. and a friend in Japan? Yay!
Thanks so much for the mention! Glad you found me again!

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