Pink embroidered mittens

>> Monday, January 02, 2006

I've just opened up my shop on, it's I've added two items to my shop so far, a pink and a purple pair of embroidered mittens. I'm planning to add more things once I have some more time, but at least now I have it started. It's very easy, I recommend it to anyone else thinking of selling their crafts. While I'm at it, I think I have to work on taking close-up pictures. There just isn't enough time to do all the things I want to do!


Anonymous,  January 03, 2006  

Hi Claire,
Craft away, it's good for the soul!!! Love the mittens. so cute.
I love seeing all the wonderful things you are making!


Bernie January 03, 2006  

Those are so cute, as are the other mittens below! Good luck on the etsy shop!

Anonymous,  January 03, 2006  

Those mittens are wonderful. Love the embroidery. Keep crafting! I am trying to get some things on etsy too, it is good to know it is easy, though finding the time to do it is not!

Claire Louise Milne January 03, 2006  

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!

Anonymous,  January 03, 2006  

i really want to check out your etsy shop but it seems that etsy isn't working! i'll have to check back later.
the mittens are adorable.


Claire Louise Milne January 03, 2006  

I love your pouches, Alison, so if you ever wanted to trade for mittens I would be very happy to!

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