Receipt of my first ATC

>> Monday, January 16, 2006

Ok, now I'm a little insecure again about my ATCs because how beautiful is this? I just received my first ATC from Mimi and I was so delighted. Her cards are even more beautiful in person. I saw the pictures at Flickr, and I marked the top one as a favourite. Mimi saw this, and offered to swap, thereby introducing me to the wonderful world of ATCs.

Each card has a handmade envelope from special paper, sealed with an animal sticker. Mimi also sent me a postcard with a vintage graphic - on the back it says The Bird (from La Loteria) Mexico c.1930. Interestingly it's another caged bird...I love it. I don't know why but I just like so many old-fashioned/vintage things. Maybe back then things weren't so rushed all the time and people had the time to put more care into the things they made? Here are some details of the cards:Thank you so much Mimi!

Just in case you're wondering, I photographed these on top of a great vintage Japanese robe I found at the Antiques at the St. Lawrence store. I was inspired by little bird's posting "party day". I had wanted a pink kimono for years, and that posting reminded me about it. Antiques at the St. Lawrence is the little antique/vintage store at the south-west corner of the St. Lawrence market (North building) in Toronto. On Saturday the north building has a farmer's market which is so great for fresh produce, cheese, raw honey, baking and jam, and on Sunday it has the flea market which I adore. Now I just have to make a gorgeous obi to go with the robe!


Anonymous,  January 16, 2006  

For the ATC Swap, did you join a group to do a big swap with, or just one-on-one with the artists?

And don't worry, yours are fine! I'm sure they will be equally well received.

Claire Louise Milne January 16, 2006  

Thank you Beth.

It's just been one-on-one with other artists I find through blogs or Flickr. I'm open to swapping with anyone. I'd love to swap ATCs with you if you're interested.

Anonymous,  January 16, 2006  

I'm so glad you liked them! And they arrived much sooner then I would have expected... I am looking forward to getting yours! Amy, here at - - is organizing a Valentine ATC swap. I think there is still time to sign up. I guess I better go back to work and make some more!

Anonymous,  January 16, 2006  

Oh wow, those ATC's are beautiful! But so are yours so you don't need to worry!

molly | January 16, 2006  

those atc's are beautiful (as were yours). I LOVE the caged bird card, especially.

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