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>> Thursday, January 26, 2006

I just hosted our fourth stitch n' bitch last night, which is called Knizzles. So today I am showing off Sarah's beautiful knitting bag which is now finished. Her grandmother gave her the great wooden handles for the bag which is knitted using a bowtie stitch from teal coloured cotton. Here is a detail of the bowtie stitch:
In other news I had a lovely package today from Claudia in Austria. She had asked to swap for the children's embroidery book I posted here, and uploaded pictures of things she had to swap on Flickr. I chose a few things and she sent me this wonderful package! (includes the flower fairy fabric in the background). The big surprise is the handmade green pouch which she crocheted herself, it's so cute in variegated greens. I feel bad now because the book was going to cost $25 to airmail so I sent it surface... and hers arrived so fast! I will have to send her something extra to make up. Also, I actually used some of the pink floral fabric Claudia sent to finish my project from last night's Knizzles. I decided to crochet a belt last night because I wanted to make something easy that didn't take much concentration. Partly because I was hosting, but mainly because of all the fun and interesting chatting going on. I used a nice variegated pink/purple ball of yarn that was a present from Bradley (he's such a catch). As you may know a crochet belt can really stretch out and become much too long, so the pink floral cotton was perfect to make a fabric lining:It didn't occur to me that after going through the d-rings the lining would show, but at least it's a cute lining so maybe that's not such a bad thing!Next time I will showcase a creation by another Sarah in the group, an adorable Kate!


Anonymous,  January 26, 2006  

I love that belt. And you're right, the lining showing is a nice touch! I should start a stitch & bitch, sounds like fun

Claire Louise Milne January 26, 2006  

Oh yes, it is so much fun! I recommend it to anyone. The experienced knitters help the beginning knitters, and there's lots of swapping of help, ideas and inspiration. I had a great time.

Anonymous,  January 26, 2006  

Pretty bag - I love seeing different stitches "in action". Are the flower people behind your swap package drawings or fabric? They're great!

Anonymous,  January 27, 2006  

i love that the lining shows - i actually think that's the best part! what kind of yarn did you use?

Claudia January 28, 2006  

I´m glad to see that the parcel arrived, don´t worry about the book - I will wait patiently in anticipation. I was a bit shocked myself when I saw the postage price so I will be keeping the international parcels under 1kg in future. It was still fun swapping with you!!!

Anonymous,  January 29, 2006  

Your belt looks great! And I absolutely love your crocheted flower pins... next Knizzles I might bring my mom's crochet hooks and ask you to remind me how to
do it, if that's okay.

I finished Kate the cat tonight - she is so cute with her crazy floppy legs and pointy cat ears. I told her that you're going to put a picture of her up on your site, and she *blushed* with excitement.

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