Pink tropical print bag

>> Saturday, January 28, 2006

I've been meaning to make this for ages, and I've finally gotten around to it. I actually got the fabric from a dress I bought for the fabric alone. It was only $10 on final sale because it was an odd shape and I really don't think it was looking good on anyone. It worked out well because I got the fabric, plus the zipper, plus ties from it, so it was easy to put together the bag.

Please notice that I was ambitious and did actually add a zipper on the lined pocket, and it's even tucked in so that the edges of the zipper don't show inside the pocket. It's perfect for shopping, I can put money and receipts in the pocket and it's big enough for a fair amount of shopping.
We're going to St. Lawrence market today - the farmer's market. I will buy some wild blueberry jam, Fiji apples, and probably some maple sugar candy. And of course I'll be going into the Antiques at the St. Lawrence shop to rummage around through the vintage goods!

P.S. Well although I do tend to get attached to everything I make, I've decided to put this bag up for sale in my etsy shop (partly since I have so many already, and partly because I've sorted through my fabric stash and I now have a plan to make a blue one!) The shop is at


amandazen January 28, 2006  

Your bag is very pretty! Great job!!


Queen Bee January 28, 2006  

Wow! That bag is gorgeous! Maybe one day, I'll learn to sew...

Samantha January 29, 2006  

I like the bag - pink is my kind of colour!

Toni January 29, 2006  

very the colors. I always check out some of the dresses at the thrift to see if one has some potential for a project.

two rabbits January 30, 2006  

it's lovely! i wish i could do zippers, the few times i've tried have not turned out so pretty.

molly | February 06, 2006  

I love this bag--and so neat that you reused that dress and its many parts. I think pinks and browns are great together. And I love the big bold flowers. Great work.

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