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>> Friday, January 06, 2006

I've shown you the things I made for Christmas presents, but I haven't shown you my presents yet. I was inspired by this lovely little picture to have a theme, and show you some of my favourite presents, which also happen to be the smallest! (and also practise my close-up photography.)

The first wasn't exactly a Christmas present, but my mum did give it to me just before Christmas. I was at my parent's house for dinner and my brother needed a button sewn on. I found this thimble in my mum's sewing box, and she said I could keep it if I could find another in there. As you can imagine I searched assiduously until I could find another one because I think this one is so beautiful! (This thimble is labelled "CH 7 Dorcas". This stands for Charles Horner, size 7 and it's the Daisy pattern manufactured from 1905 until 1948. The outside is silver, and the inside is steel for strength. The name "Dorcas" is from the bible, she was a seamstress who made clothes for those in need.)

The following is a picture of the adorable bead and button kit made for me by Bradley. He knitted a little case with pink crochet yarn, in moss stitch, and sewed on a pink and white button. Inside was a bead necklace kit with a butterfly pendant, and an assortment of beads and buttons. My favourite (you can click on the picture to see it larger) is the little pink bird. So sweet!

He also bought a little knapsack for Frances, which fits perfectly. In fact, just try to get Frances to take it off. Believe it or not, the knapsack is from Eddie Bauer, they had mini items to use as tree ornaments (Peter also has a fancy new Eddie Bauer flap hat). Frances was happy to model his new knapsack for me. And inside was a little pencil and two schoolbooks, handmade by Bradley.And last but not least, my brother bought me this beautiful bird necklace from Propaganda, a great store that sells wonderful handmade jewellery, bags and other paper goods and accessories. So as you can see I was very lucky and received some really beautiful presents this year!

p.s. my flickr favourite pictures are here:


Vicky aka Stichr January 06, 2006  

Oh I love the back pack Frances got! I stand in the camping aisle and dream about playing with the mini samples they have on the walls...of the tents and sleeping bags.

While browsing thru your websites I came across the Boy on the Elephant ill. Have you ever touched an elephant? It's interesting. Back in the early 1960's the San Francisco Zoo was selling a baby elephant {trading maybe??} and they needed a child to photograph with it, so that child was moi. Very wiry hair.

Claire Louise Milne January 06, 2006  

Oh I know what you mean about the camping aisle! I wanted to buy one of those mini tents, but then I thought, really, I don't need it! Plus they wouldn't sell it to me, I asked.

Vicky aka Stichr January 10, 2006  

hehe...I have asked also. Was told that the employees have first dibs, and the dibs list is longgggggg.

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