Blue doll quilt

>> Sunday, January 15, 2006

I made this blue doll quilt last week, after years of meaning to do it, it's a small quilt for Hatty made from some vintage fabric. I had the squares cut and squirreled away somewhere, and remembered about my plans to make the quilt after seeing Hillary's beautiful quilts for her dolls. I was actually very busy with an illustration deadline and yet I found myself fixated on finishing this quilt. I was sewing until late in the evening, and kind of determined to finish it lest it never get done. Then I suddenly realized that it was an odd thing to be doing, making a doll quilt isn't exactly a necessary thing to do, doesn't really need to be a priority or rush, I don't even have children! I wasn't even that crazy about it when it was finished. (I think I may add some stitching for more texture? Plus this is my first machine quilt, the only one I've ever made before was done all by hand and it was much neater).

Then I realized this isn't a stupid thing at all, it's about making things for the pure joy of it. Lately I've had so many creative ideas it's been hard to be practical and get my work done first. So I find that the reason I'm really loving making my ATCs is that they're not necessary at all, just a small beautiful thing, to share with other people, a way of sending out little messages into the world. Sorry if I'm starting to sound too sentimental, I just read Blair's kind words at wise craft and I'm feeling very happy to have found others who also love beautiful things for their own sake!


Anonymous,  January 15, 2006  

The quilt is lovely, and Hatty is a beautiful doll. I love your ATC's, too. I just found your site through Blair. I share your feelings about making things, and it's so much nicer when you can share them with other people! Nice blog!

Anonymous,  January 15, 2006  

Hello! I found you via Blair at Wise Craft, and just wanted to say that I love Hatty's blue quilt. I have quite a few unfinished projects that are keeping me from starting new ones, but you've reminded me to "make things for the pure joy of it" -- and I might just set those old projects aside and make a doll quilt (and maybe even some ATCs!) of my own. Thanks!

Anonymous,  January 15, 2006  

Claire the quilt is just perfect for Hatty. Something about making these complex (is that the right word?) things in a small scale that is so satisfying.

And yes, the trading card is headed your way.

Claire Louise Milne January 15, 2006  

First of all, Blair, I just have to say YAY! I LOVE the card and I was hoping it would be for me!

And everyone, thank you for visiting and for such nice comments! I'm happy to swap ATCs with anyone, so just email if you're interested.

Netamir January 16, 2006  

She is beautifull, i also like her blue quilt.

Anonymous,  January 16, 2006  

This is my first visit to your blog, hopped over from wisecraft. Love the doll quilt (and the doll!) It's very sweet, and your blog is great.

Anonymous,  January 16, 2006  

That's a lovely quilt - I'm quite jealous of Hatty!

Samantha January 16, 2006  

The quilt is beautiful. I agree with your sentiments. I have two boys and bought myself an old dollshouse. It certainly wasn't for them!

Claire Louise Milne January 17, 2006  

Wow thanks Hillary! I admire your creations so much.

ana ventura January 17, 2006  

Wonderful work! So lovely.

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