White wool pencil case with berries

>> Wednesday, February 01, 2006

First things first, I really recommend the new crafts site, whip up. It was launched today and it's wonderful. Lots of great info and crafts inspiration. Can you believe that fabric stash?? And that beautiful paper?? I've added a button link for whip up in my sidebar.

Myself, I finally finished my white wool pencil case with berries. It's knitted from the same wool as my popular white berry mittens. (I say popular because they're one of my top pictures in Flickr - you can see how your pictures rank for number of comments, views, and the number of times people have marked it as a "favourite"). I've been working on the pencil case for a while now, on and off. I wanted to use up the rest of that beautiful wool to make something else and had the idea to make a pencil case with it. Here's a detail of the embroidery, it's the same as on the mittens.The pretty lining fabric was provided in a swap with Teresa. I sent her some of my merino wool and she sent me some lovely fabric and ribbon. Thanks Teresa!


Anonymous,  February 01, 2006  

Very cute, it looks like perfection.

Anonymous,  February 01, 2006  

That is soo beautiful! I would like to jump in to it like a sleepingbag ;)

krissy February 06, 2006  

i can see why it's been "favourited" so much...it's adorable! the colours are really wonderful!

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