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>> Monday, February 13, 2006

It's good to be home again, but we did have a wonderful trip. I am so lucky because Bradley was happy just to walk around in another city, he loves to travel, and I got to go to all the crafty places I've mentioned. Everything turned out so well, even funny details. For example, Bradley had originally found a B&B that was a llama farm, but it turned out it was closed in the winter. But when we dropped off at The Big Apple in Colborne on the way home, they had some llamas there! The Big Apple is an actual model of a giant apple, and they sell apple pies there. There's also some amusements, such as the llama "farm" with ducks and rabbits too. I asked if they sold llama wool, but the girl at the cashier looked at me like I was nuts. I'm glad that the llama B&B was closed because I really loved where we stayed. Here's a picture of my favourite corner of the room, it's a Victorian house, so there are appealing details like the deep windows, and the owner likes to collect things such as this nice spinning wheel. Little did I know we were staying next door to her crafts room! I didn't go in, but I caught a glimpse of a sewing machine and shelves of fabric etc. It's a good arrangement, the guest rooms are on the first floor, and the family lives upstairs, so there's privacy for everyone. We both also really enjoyed the healthy and delicious home-cooked breakfasts made by Dominique. So I recommend this B&B, it's Pierre et Dominique, 271 Square St-Louis.

Thanks to everyone for the tips on places to go - I know exactly what to see on my next trip to Montréal. Here is the info on how I acquired all the great buttons, ribbon and yarn.

Magasin de Fibre L.B. inc
La Bobineuse de Laine
2270, Mont-Royal Est

Rubans, Boutons...
4818 St-Denis

7381, rue St-Hubert


Anonymous,  February 13, 2006  

Welcome back! Glad you had an amazing time.

Anonymous,  February 13, 2006  

Welcome back Claire! Your time away sounds blissful.

krissy February 14, 2006  

thank you so much for posting the addresses! i am so jealous of your "yarn spree"! i can't believe you can create your own custom blend of cool! almost worth the 6 hr drive just for that... hee hee

Anonymous,  February 21, 2006  

The Bed & Breakfast looks so cozy and pretty! I bookmarked it in case we ever go up there!

Your llama friend looks cute, too! Glad you had a fun time!

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