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>> Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The retro bag is going well now, I have to admit picking up the stitches around the bottom and starting the two different patterns was a bit tricky and I was getting really irritated with it. I felt better though that I was doing something with a bit of a challenge and I didn't pick something too easy. Also, I usually make things up as I go along which means I often just do what I know. Following a pattern forces me to pick up new skills. As always my stitch n' bitch books were an invaluable reference!

I just got my invitation to another Knizzles, our stitch n' bitch group. I was thinking last time I went that it would be handy to have needle holders in my bag, because they tend to move around and fall about. So I tried it out on the green tote before my trip to Montréal. It's so easy, all I did was sew a rectangle of fabric inside the bag, and sewed columns sized to fit a variety of needle sizes. They are a little wobbly but I did it in a rush at the last minute. I also made ties for the bag and the tiny scrap in the picture is all that's left. Yes, that's right, at the last minute while packing for our trip and getting ready, I was also frantically sewing. I would only confess this obsessive crafting behaviour to you, my understanding fellow crafters!Here are the ties:And last but not least, I've been meaning to post this package from La Ave in Australia. I bought her notebook pouch and sent some extras. This is her pouch and the goodies she sent me - so sweet! My favourite is the cherries fabric with matching ribbon and buttons. Perfect for some little project. Thanks Caylie!


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