Custom yarn - knitting olympics day 1

>> Saturday, February 11, 2006

In case you're wondering, we did go for a scenic drive in the country today, and saw some forests and mountains and a bit of the small towns north of Montréal. But we did also manage to get back to the Magasin de Fibre L.B. inc., also known as La Bobineuse de Laine. I wanted to get my nerve up and actually create some custom yarn and the picture above shows what I had made for me. You choose colours in one type of fibre, ie. they don't mix cotton and wool, and there are different textures to choose from as well. I chose cotton because most of the other fibres were part acrylic and I prefer the natural fibres. I chose to blend two strands of medium pink, a strand of light pink boucle and a strand of purple boucle. Here is a close up of the result:The cost for the cotton was $10/livre, which is one pound. This is just one of the cones - the smaller one! I also bought a pretty light blue turquoise blended with a single strand of silver. And I couldn't resist a couple more of the grab bags. Ok three more. They were $1 each!! The lady in the store was very friendly and helpful, I showed her a yarn I had on hand and she suggested using 5 strands to create a blend of a similar thickness. I asked if I could take her picture and she said it was ok.This is another (sorry, blurry) picture of the machine used to blend the custom yarn. This store was so much fun! I'm glad I managed to fit in another trip and I was so happy with how my pound of custom yarn came out. The entire yarn spree cost $18.And finally, here is my progress on my Knitting Olympics project after the first day. This is the bottom of the bag and it's 14 inches wide. After the bottom is done, you pick up stitches and start knitting in the round. Bradley's striped mittens for me are going well - he's already used five of the colours: pink, pale pink, light olive green, red and orange. I guess he'll keep going soon, but right now he's going out for some poutine!


Posy February 12, 2006  

How interesting and what fun. Your yarn looks great!

Susan Mitchell February 12, 2006  

Sounds like you had a lot of fun in Montreal! You found stores I have never heard of - have to get out more.

There is a good bead store in Westmount (Vendome metro) at 368 Victoria Ave, Mon-Fri 9.30 to 5 and Sat 10 to 4pm.

There is also one on 3945A St.Denis called Bidz and they seem to have a website:

elisabetha February 12, 2006  

This is beautiful -- I love your choice of colours! Does this pattern still exist on the internet?

toronto craft alert February 13, 2006  

oh! you're visiting all of my favourite mtl haunts. it's sooo hard to find bulk vintage buttons nowadays - people know what they're worth! anytime i go back to mtl. i make sure to get a gynormous bag.

far pricier yet definitely worth a visit is ric-rac, a gorgeous buttons and notions store. the name of the street is escaping me, but it's actually the same street that this button/trim store is on (not st. denis but the cross street running eastwards). it's a lovely street anyhow, worth a stroll.

Claire Louise Milne February 13, 2006  

Thanks for the tips!

We came across the Westmount bead store on the way out of town (it was closed) - it's very close to a yarn store we heard about. It looked great, I'm sorry I missed it!

We did find rix-rax, but too close to closing time. Too expensive anyway! I bought two flower buttons which were $2 each.

About the bag pattern - I can't find it online anymore - if you email me directly I can email a scan of my printout - I don't want to post it because it's not mine.

Anonymous,  February 13, 2006  

Ahem ... I believe I bought two flower buttons at Rix Rax as a pre-Valentine's present.

Rubans, Boutons is near the corner of St Denis and Gilford, Rix Rax is at St Hubert and Gilford.

Claire Louise Milne February 13, 2006  

Oops sorry - yes Bradley bought me the flower buttons!

toronto craft alert February 13, 2006  

oh yes, rix-rax on gilford - sorry for my fuzzy details.

i know you have left, but you may want to include les brodeuses in your next visit - on st. laurent near fairmont i believe (maybe closer to st. viateur?) is an embroidery shop (books, thread, hoops, some premade stuff) which is also a mini embroidery museum and offers workshops.

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