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>> Thursday, February 23, 2006

I just made the cosy on the right for my friend's birthday. She had seen my bird cosy (on the left) that I had bought and she thought it was really cute. So I decided to make her something similar. Mine was bought at an adorable little Japanese store (I wish I could remember the name) just west of the Japanese Paper place on Queen West. It's a baby goods store, but also has cute things for anybody. I also bought a little set of wooden letter stamps there.

I rode my bike up to see her, it's 45 minutes to her office, I used to do it every day when I worked there too as a graphic designer. It was really nice to be riding my bike. This time of year I don't really consider it much, but there's really no reason not to because there hasn't been much snow, and today was 5 degrees. I pretended it was spring...The green cosy idea came about because I've been working on my swap package for the Color-iffic swap-o-rama. It's a Flickr group, anyone can sign up and you send your secret partner a package and receive one from someone else. I did the Red Pink swap, and now it's the Green swap. Your package should include one handmade thing. I think most of the people who participate like crafts, so most people include things like beads, ribbon, yarn etc. It's fun to go to your partner's Flickr photos page and see what kinds of things they like. This cosy is my first handmade thing - I'm still working on the package.


Green Kitchen February 23, 2006  

I love your rendition, Claire. Lucky friend.

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