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>> Sunday, February 19, 2006

On Saturday we went for a trip to St. Jacob's market north of Waterloo. It's a farmer's market with lots of flea market stuff too. I made this new pink tote to take with me, it's fuschia linen fabric that I found at Goodwill, lined with the floral fabric sent by Claudia, plus vintage fabric from an apron on the front. It was hard to cut that up!

Here's a detail, the fabric is really pretty, I like the colours, the pattern and it's very soft. I also got to use one of the cute buttons I found in Montréal:There's also a few antique shops in town, plus a quilting store. I wasn't interested in most of the fabric, but I did find some wool felt, and bought some little bundles and scraps. Plus I found these little gift pouches made from a raggedy-ann-esque cotton fabric.I'm planning to use the wool felt to make more needle books, such as the gnome one I made for Blair. Thanks for the lovely post about my package Blair, I feel so appreciated! At another shop I bought a mason jar of buttons. I sorted through them and there were lots of nice old glass ones, these were my favourites:And finally, I found some wooden handles for my knitting Olympics bag! The bag cost $8, plus I didn't like the bag part at all (maybe it looks better in the picture, really it's not very nice), so I'll have no trouble cutting the fabric part off. I think a dark wood would look better with the purple yarn, so I thinking of staining the wood darker, or possibly painting it black with a glossy finish. Not sure about that. I'm not very experienced at working with wood doing paint or stains.The Knitting Olympics are going well, Bradley has finished the first mitten and cast on the second. They are sooo pretty, I can't wait to wear them. They're a nice soft light mitten that will be perfect for spring. My purple retro bag is getting longer, but I won't bore you with yet another picture of it's progress!


Susan Mitchell February 19, 2006  

Wow! What lovely things you have made - very inspiring. Love the needlebook.

If you want to paint those wood handles, you could give them a light sand to remove any varnish and give the paint something to stick to. You can then paint them with acryic paint if you want and coat with modge podge or a regular varnish.

Looking forward to seeing the final result.

Anonymous,  February 19, 2006  

Thanks for your nice comments.

I think those handles will look great on a new bag. I have seen them a lot at thrift shops, but never thought about reusing them. Nice buttons as well.

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