Purple knitting bag - Knitting olympics!

>> Wednesday, February 08, 2006

We've decided at the last minute to enter the knitting Olympics! Bradley is making me some mittens, in beautiful colours: orange, pinks and red, and I'm going to make a purple knitting bag. It's the same one that Sarah from our stitch n' bitch made that I posted about earlier. The pattern came from retroknits.com, but I can't find the site anymore, it seems to have disappeared.

I'm making a few small changes to the pattern, it's a different yarn so the size might be slightly different, and it calls for 200 grams and I only have 150, so it will be a little shorter. Also, I have bamboo handles, so they will attach a little differently. I'm not sure yet about the lining, the best thing I have right now is the fabric I use for the photograph, which has some purple in in it, but I may pick something else up later on.

The challenge is having the patience to follow a pattern, plus using two new stitches: butterfly blocks and sock heel stitch. It actually took me a while to figure out the sock heel stitch, I think it's that you have to bring the yarn to the front when you pass over the stitch (sl1). The first time I tried it the stitch looked like little waves, but then I think I figured it out. The other challenge is that it's also quite fine, I'm using size 4 needles.

I just found out I missed the midnight deadline...I emailed in case we can get added later on. After all we may be the only mixed doubles team!

p.s. update on the sock heel stitch - after the tip from Sarah (in the comments) I was going a little crazy trying to figure out what I was doing wrong because it still looked wonky. In the pattern you're knitting in the round so it said to knit every second row. But I just realized I was doing a test swatch on straight needles and on straight needles you perl every second row not knit! I had a weird version worked out that looked similar but was a lot more trouble plus not quite right. So thanks Sarah!!


Anonymous,  February 08, 2006  

Hey, good luck! Re: sock heel stitch - you don't need to bring the yarn to the front when you slip a stitch. It does end up looking a bit wavy and similar to a k1 p1 ribbing (but more dense).

Anonymous,  February 09, 2006  

Hi there! I've seen the retro bag pattern before on the retroknits site. The bag is adorable and I wish I had printed off the pattern now that the site is gone!! I was hoping you would be willing to pass the pattern along to me?

Claire Louise Milne February 09, 2006  

I'd be happy to share the pattern with you, but of course I just have a printout myself...and it's quite long to type up. Does anyone know what happened to retro knits? You can email me directly about this Jamie. thanks!

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