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>> Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This past weekend we walked up to see the location of our wedding (which is in September) and take some pictures. I thought I would post about it and show some pictures. We had a really lovely day, it was quite warm and sunny so it was perfect. Of course this time of year everything is still a bit brown, but if you look you can start to see the buds and little spring flowers.

Spadina House is a historical house, the part we've booked is the lawn and gardens, front patio and a sunroom at the side. They don't have events inside the historical part of the house. It's an afternoon wedding, and we'll have a tent on the lawn for the luncheon after the ceremony but in case it rains we may have to move to the 3rd floor so we wanted to see that too. It turns out it's quite nice up there, two spacious rooms with lots of large windows, but the grounds are my favourite part so I hope it doesn't rain! So the top picture shows the house itself, and you can see the front patio that we can use too.

The following picture shows the sunroom. We thought people could sit in there if they like after the ceremony and before the lunch while we take some pictures on the grounds.This view shows the grounds from the south end. Below that there is a forested steep hill. Spadina house is at the top of the old bluffs that run east-west just below St. Clair Avenue.The pictures below are of the specific location of the ceremony. We'd like to stand under this large tree, with the gardens behind us and the guests seated on rows of chairs on the lawn. I took a close-up of the red blossoming buds on this tree, and tried to capture some tiny birds that were in the branches. If you look carefully in the first picture of the following three you can see one. I can't remember what kind of tree it is - does anyone know? I thought maybe Maple.Behind this tree is the garden. Of course this time of year it's mostly brown, with straw covering the ground. But quite soon it will be gorgeous, I've seen it at all times of year and in September it will be full of colourful flowers and plants. Behind the garden is a tall shrubbery. In the back you can see the gardener's house, and there's also a greenhouse.There's a path at the side which leads to the orchard. On the right side of it there's a pumpkin patch. When we stood in the orchard last fall we heard the soft thump of an apple falling, that's how quiet it is, even though it's in the middle of the city.On the other side of the orchard is a long path of vines, in fall it's lush and leafy and makes a long green tunnel. I imagined my flower girl running down it. The grounds are a very nice place for the children to play before lunch, because it's all enclosed with a fence so it's safe, but there's lots to see.And finally as we were leaving we saw the beginnings of the spring flowers near the front entrance. So as you can see, it's a beautiful place for a wedding and we were very pleased with our visit.


Jenn April 12, 2006  

what a beautiful location for a wedding! and how exciting for you!

I love the fields, the plants, the house...congratulations to you! I'm sure it will be lovely (esp. in September..nice & cool!). :)


Heather April 12, 2006  

Claire! This is really lovely! I imagine your wedding day will be perfect in every way.

Kristy April 12, 2006  

What an idyllic venue!

Tania Ho April 12, 2006  

I remember passing by Spadina House last time I was in Toronto, and thinking what a beautiful place it seemed, so I think it's wonderful you're having your wedding there. I'm sure everything will be lovely :-)

Anonymous,  April 12, 2006  

Great photos! Everything looks gorgeous!

Anonymous,  April 12, 2006  

so beautiful - in september i am sure it will be spectacular.


the tree looks somewhat like a sycamore - but i have never seen the pods so red, so it makes me wonder...

Anonymous,  April 12, 2006  

i love all of your photos. such a beautiful place for a wedding. :)

Annika Sandin April 13, 2006  

Looks like a wonderful place!

Anonymous,  April 13, 2006  

The place looks enchanting, Claire! Nice to see the snow gone, trees budding, and flowers! It'll be all decked out in green for your wedding day. Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

Anonymous,  April 13, 2006  

The place looks enchanting, Claire! Nice to see the snow gone, trees budding, and flowers! It'll be all decked out in green for your wedding day. Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

gkgirl April 13, 2006  


even right now
it shows so much

i can't wait to see
the photos in september

patricia zapata April 13, 2006  

Claire - that looks beautiful! Your going to have fantastic photos of your wedding!

Susan Mitchell April 13, 2006  

What a beautiful, magical place for a wedding - it's going to be wonderful!

laura capello April 13, 2006  

Oh, so pretty! It is the perfect location for a wedding -- looking forward to seeing more pix after the event! (if you're comfortable with that, no pressure)

Anonymous,  April 14, 2006  

Oh wow, how beautiful Claire, your wedding will be beautiful there.

Thanks for your birthday wishes. I've been out of town and am finally catching up.

Anonymous,  April 14, 2006  

Oh what a perfect spot! That estate is gorgeous. I'd love to spend a day there. You are going to have great photos to remember a special day for sure.

Anonymous,  April 14, 2006  

I'm the wouldn't let me type in my name. 8-) Blogger can be such a bully!

roz April 18, 2006  

Congratulations! What a beautiful environment to commit yourselves to each other!

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