Beautiful spring package from Mo

>> Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I had such a wonderful surprise in my mail today. A little while ago a person named Mo emailed me and asked me if I would like her to send me a vintage apron she had sitting around in her sewing room, since she could see that I liked them. Not being one to turn down vintage aprons, I replied "yes please!" and look at the beautiful package she sent me!!!

I was so amazed and pleased and - I will admit it - a little emotional when I saw all these beautiful things. I don't know why I react that way, but it was just such a nice surprise and things like this make me so happy. First of all, please note how lovely the wrapping is. The cellophane packages with ribbon ties, and yes, there are little yellow flowers decorating the packages too.

I think anyone who has visited needle book to any degree knows how I feel about buttons. But just look at how exceptional these buttons are! I love all of them. Look at the big transparent ones with silver leaves inside! Look at the little floral yellow and orange ones! Look at the elegant lattice one!
Then, this pretty bird gift tag mentions that Mo thought that the chicken fabric would make nice buttons. I wholeheartedly agree. I also love the green vintage spool of thread, I love that colour too, Mo! I do collect vintage spools of thread, sometimes I even use the thread (mostly when it's already been used a lot already) and I like to wind embroidery thread on the wooden spools once they're empty. When they're nice and full like this I generally just like to keep them as is because I like them so much. There were some trims in the package too, my favourite is the tiny yellow rick rack - so sweet - and there was some nice mint green trim lace and white soutache braid too.
Mo mentioned that she does print design, she's obviously very talented, because her gift cards are so nice, and as you can see she made some for me to use. They come in different colours, with ribbon ties, and they have my name and a knitting graphic of a ball of yarn and needles. And a wee bit of sparkle on them too. Have a look at her design website - see, those are my tags drying on the line!
And last but not least, the apron that precipitated this package. Made from gorgeous purple floral hankies, with a cream grosgrain ribbon tie - it's now the most elegant apron in my collection. Thank you so much Mo, as you can see I was delighted with the package - now I will just have to think about what I will put in yours!


Anonymous,  April 04, 2006  

what a beautiful package!

Anonymous,  April 04, 2006  

What a treat! How nice of Mo to pull together such a lovely package for you. Such talent out there! I get such a feel through your writing as to how much you love these little items of yours (the buttons, vintage fabric, etc.).

Green Kitchen April 04, 2006  

what a great package! i was thinking about giving some vintage aprons away. i'll let you know when i post photos.

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