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>> Tuesday, April 04, 2006

As you know, I've been joining in with "Use what you have" month, but today I had a little trip to the Goodwill. Before I go on I will say that I was going with the intention of getting something for the house. More specifically, a basket (which I didn't find). And while I was there I saw this gorgeous pink floral linen tablecloth:
Now, obviously I'm going to take this home. It was $2.99, but more importantly I got a little thrill when I saw it and I think it's very very beautiful. Here's a detail:I wasn't going to look at the textile section at all, so I had already caved in a bit at that point, but I did think about it as I was walking home. In terms of "using what I have" what I "have" is an addiction to thrifting and I've "used" it to find this tablecloth. But seriously I'm planning to use this as a tablecloth so it doesn't really count as crafts supplies, right? Incidentally, while I was there I also found this sewing box for $2.49 (it was empty - those are my things in it):
Once I got home I started working again on odds and ends for my illustration work and for my etsy shop. Generally I just work all the time these days, being a freelancer means I don't really have a 9 to 5 work day, but I don't mind because I love what I do and I can take breaks and meet friends for lunch and coffee, take naps, go over to Goodwill, etc. Not being in an office has made me much more creative, because I'm not coming home tired at the end of the day and then trying to sit down to paint. When I'm inspired I can go ahead with my ideas right away. In fact I've been a bit overwhelmed with things I want to make and draw, and so I took a little break this evening and decided to make something just for fun.

I had big plans to make things for Ingrid (who came from the talented Stephanie at little birds - she's back!), and so this is the first thing, a little handbag for her to keep her ribbons in. It's made from the piece of thick blue wool felt she arrived with, it's just the right size for her things, and it has a little pocket with her initial on it. I blanket stitched the opening, so it looks a bit like a zipper, but it doesn't actually have a clasp. Bradley mentioned that it's probably for the best since she doesn't have any thumbs. I must go to bed now, but I'll leave you with some close-ups of Ingrid's new handbag. I think it's perfect for her because she is such a dainty little cat.P.S. I just noticed the colours theme suggested by mecozy. I made my April 3rd post yellow just by coincidence. But today I am way off the mark because it's meant to be blue and I went pink! But of course the most important part is blue...


AMCSviatko April 05, 2006  

Oh! I hadn't thought of it that way! So I can go frugalling as long as I don't look at craft supplies? You're fantastic (and the table cloth is pretty special too...)

Samantha April 05, 2006  

That bag is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time.

P.S. Don't tell anyone, but I bough a pair of curtains from the charity shop yesterday for the fabric.
I have fallen off the wagon too!

Heather April 05, 2006  

Igrid is so fashion forward!

laura capello April 05, 2006  

Ingrid's handbag is divine.

Anonymous,  April 05, 2006  

The tablecloth doesn't count! Several friends and I have joined in the Use What You Have theme unofficially (we aren't bloggers) and our take on what is off limits are additions to our stashes of craft and sewing supplies that are for some future project. I think we'd all spontaneously combust if it meant no purchasing at all.

Enjoy your lovely new table linen! Need anything else justified? :)

Claire Louise Milne April 05, 2006  

thanks wendy, your comment made me laugh. Maybe I should come to you for help, I worry about a lot of things! :-)
I do agree with those go nuts shopping sherpa!

Amy April 05, 2006  

Oh my, that little bag is the cutest thing I've seen all week!

Jannie aka Chickengirl April 05, 2006  

oh my! Its just gorgeous. The little bag with her initial is just too cute..and it opens up too! What a detail.

Jenn April 05, 2006  

adorable! all of it...adorable! I love Ingrid and I love, love the little purse you made for her!

and I'm attempting this use what you have deal, too. for now, it's kinda financially imposed. lol. but we'll see if I can make it till May! good luck to you! oh and I don't think curtains count if you're using them for actual curtains!


Jenn April 05, 2006  

umm, right...I meant tablecloth...not curtains. oopsie!

toronto craft alert April 05, 2006  

that purse is way too cute! i love the zipper effect.

i am doing UWYHM:april too and will definitely be looking for ways to justify textile -aka - household neccesity purchases myself: tablecloth/curtains/pillowcases/teatowels are all fair game!

ofpinsandneedles April 05, 2006  

Good thrifting! And I particularly like the justification. Ingrid is the cutest cat I've seen in blogland.

Anonymous,  April 05, 2006  

The bag is so sweet - I love the "zipper". The tablecloth definitely doesn't count (and it's gorgeous), but the sewing kit, I don't know....I am trying to play, but yesterday I ran out of white thread! How am I going to get through an entire month without white thread?

Anonymous,  April 05, 2006  

Ingrid looks quite pleased with her new bag. It's lovely!

Suzanne Cranston April 06, 2006  

That bag... how in the world did you make it?... soo cute... sooo cute!

stephanie April 06, 2006  

oh my gosh claire, that little handbag is just the sweetest, most finely crafted thing! thoroughly convinced that ingrid went to the perfect new home...


Toni April 07, 2006  

Love Ingrid's little bag, and there is no way I would pass up that tablecloth either!! so pretty!

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