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>> Friday, April 07, 2006

I will warn you right now, this is one of those posts where I'm basically just going to be bragging about the package I just got in the mail. I know what you're thinking, didn't I just do one of those? It's true this has been quite the mail week. This is from Cathy, the person who won my quiz, and I will first of all tell you that I sent her 1. the needlebook prize and 2. my ATCs. That's it. I can't remember if I put any extras in there at all but I really don't think I did. (oh, AND a dog chewed the package.) I added the ATCs because when we were emailing I found out that Cathy is an artist and she offered to swap. Then what did I receive in return? This gorgeous package!!!

I will try to share the thrill of opening this package by showing you what it looked like when I was opening it...
You can already tell there's lots of nice things in there can't you? Well I'll show you everything.
Here's a closeup of the adorable princess cat ATC created especially for me. She is standing in front of some yummy yarn - I love the Lamb's Pride yarns, they're so nice to knit with and the colours are wonderful. I just happen to have three other skeins in purple and pinks of this exact kind of yarn, so now I have four and I can mix and match the colours when I use them.
I've been thinking of making one of Camilla's wonderful little crochet characters (look in her shop for pictures). Of course I will have to buy the Happy Hooker crochet book first which has the pattern. I will throw some nice boucle yarn into the mix too, I love that texture mixed in. I'm such an admirer of Camilla, I think the little blue "Portland" rabbit with white pants is my favourite. Look at the gorgeous colour combinations she uses! I love when artists do crafts and you can see the artist in the crafter, if you know what I mean.

But I'm digressing, let's get back to my wonderful package. Wrapped up in a page from a book (which one? I don't know but read a bit, it's very interesting) were these lovely little buttons and tatting!
The next item was this large piece of wonderful wool blanket that Cathy dyed pink! I know I can make something beautiful with that. And of course everything was wrapped so nicely, I love this ribbon and Cathy stamped little notes and her animal character stamps on things.
Here's the tisssue cosy she made with cool black and white graphic number fabric. I love it!
And last but not least, a sheet of her animal stamped characters that says "color me!" on the top. I've already pulled out the markers and coloured a few in. Thank you so much Cathy for such a generous, gorgeous, special package! As you can see, I love absolutely everything.
p.s. thanks to everyone for joining my new Flickr group! It's called "softie extras" and it's to showcase the little extra things that people make for their stuffies, softies, dolls etc. Sorry if I've missed anyone, you're all invited! Have a look here.


laura capello April 07, 2006  

What an awesome package!

Anonymous,  April 07, 2006  

The page from the book is by a young-adult author called Lloyd Alexander. I think the book might be "The Black Cauldron?"

Now I am curious to find out if I am right!

Great package, too!

Anonymous,  April 07, 2006  

Taran, Eilonwy, and her glowing bauble? That's one of Lloyd Alexander's books! He wrote The Book of Three, Black Cauldron, and three other books in the series (plus stories).

Anonymous,  April 07, 2006  

Rats. Jaimie beat me by two minutes.

I googled a passage and found that it's from Chapter 9 of The Book of Three, where they first meet Fflewddur Fflam — I don't remember the books being so Welsh.

Also, it is an excellent package — can't go wrong with numeric fabric.

Claire Louise Milne April 07, 2006  

I'm supposed to know my children's books too! I didn't read those ones, thanks guys!

Heather April 07, 2006  

I agree with Bradley! Numeric fabric is wonderful (especially in a tissue holder) could use it to help you do complex equations while blowing your nose! This is a great package you received!

Anonymous,  April 07, 2006  

So I win points for speed, but Bradley wins points for accuracy!

Anonymous,  April 12, 2006  

i love the book-paper idea! i am bad at packaging.

in case anyone else was interested, i tried to find cathy's website, and got her flickr page:

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