Buttons - 2nd collection

>> Monday, April 24, 2006

Well you've already seen most of my button "collection" - mainly those charming buttons that came from Montréal, so I will just show you the ones I got yesterday at the Sunday market. There was a seller there who had several mason jars full of buttons - and the best part is that there seemed to be a lot in my favourite colours of light blues and reds.

The picture at the top of those post shows the jars after I sorted out my favourite buttons - they were originally full. I also took closeup pictures of some of my favourites so you can see them better. Here are my favourite blue buttons:I really like simple geometric patterns, particularly flowers or simple radiating lines. And I love turquoise. And favourite reds (with some stray colours thrown in):
It seems to be more common to find black, white and brown buttons since I guess those are common clothing colours. I like these too, these were my favourites:Here are some up close - I love the clear patterned ones. Some of the white and tan coloured ones look like shells, and I like the big black one that has white "stitching" around the edge.I don't know why, but buttons just look so tempting in mason jars - I can rarely resist them. The hard part was narrowing it down to two jars. These ones were all $6 or $7 per jar, which I was happy with, particularly once I sorted through them and found so many I liked. I like the lids of the jars too, they're glass and have a nice star pattern on them. My friend bought two jars as well, and we had the idea to do some swapping, but it's harder than you might think. Mainly because our taste is similar so we like and dislike the same ones. We spent some time sorting out our favourite buttons in a Starbucks afterwards, and I finished sorting mine at home. I have a bad cough/cold so it was a nice, slightly hypnotic, way to spend a quiet evening.


Anabel April 24, 2006  

love buttons!!:-)

ruby-crowned kinglette April 24, 2006  

around here mason jars alone with the glass and zinc tops are more then 6 or 7 dollars, and then the buttons too - great find. and those buttons are beautiful.

Ruth Singer April 25, 2006  

I am struggling to find good buttons, having used up all my family stock and latest purchases. I only have the *best* buttons left that I have bought individully and don't want to use!

Anonymous,  April 25, 2006  

Love the buttons, and the jars - those tops are really unique, I've never seen any like that.

.tomate d'épingles. September 07, 2006  

oh those are so beautifull!
did you go to Rubans Boutons in Montreal? I could just spend hours there :)

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