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>> Monday, April 03, 2006

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This week's Illustration Friday topic was "Spring". I had been planning to create another bird illustration and start making a series. The first one was the pink and brown bird on a cherry blossom branch. This one is a blue bird on a plum tree branch, also with spring blossoms. I thought the blue colours were very fresh and springlike so it was well-suited to the topic.

As in the previous bird illustration, I started with pen & ink in a sepia colour. Then I added watercolour on top. I needed ink that would be waterproof, and I wasn't sure about the Windsor & Newton inks that were in the artist supply store. I asked for help and they pointed out another type of ink that would be for sure, it's Daler Rowney Acryclic Artists Ink (Sepia 251). It works very well, and there was no bleeding at all when I added the watercolour. Of course if you try this technique you would want to let the ink dry for at least a couple of hours. I inked the picture and let it dry overnight before painting. Here is a detail of the bird:The previous bird postcard was for sale in my etsy shop, and was quite popular, so I will probably add this one too*. The cards are printed by me at home with corners I've rounded by hand. I've since been told by a fellow illustrator that the post office will not deliver postcards with rounded corners. The intention in any case was to sell the cards as very affordable artwork. So if people like the picture they can have a copy for only $2 rather than paying more for a professional print. If anyone would like them as greeting cards, please see my website for pricing and I can add custom orders to my etsy shop. I will also be making blue pincushions to sell with the bluebird card as sets. Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in my things, I really really appreciate it!

*The blue bird postcard is now in my etsy shop.


Anonymous,  April 03, 2006  

These are beautiful! What great cards they make. You have such talent.

Anonymous,  April 03, 2006  

There is something so delightfully old-fashioned about this one, Claire! Somehow all your love for dainty vintage beauty just shines through in the inspiration and execution of this illustration.

Anastasia April 03, 2006  

beautiful nostalgic illo!! love the bright colors!

Susan Mitchell April 03, 2006  

This is lovely Claire! The colours are beautiful and this will look so nice as part of a set.

Heather April 03, 2006  

As you know I received my fabulous pink pincushion set (you rock of course) and I hereby reserve a blue set..is that possible? Can we reserve??? Giggle.

Debra Cooper April 03, 2006  

I agree whole heartedly with Jaimie's comment.
This piece posesses such a calming beauty its enchanting.

Anonymous,  April 03, 2006  

Another beautiful bird Claire. You should do a series and sell them together.

valerie walsh April 04, 2006  

this is such a charming picture, i love it!!!

Amy Zaleski April 04, 2006  

Beautiful spring rendition here...absolutely fresh and lovely bird.

steve April 04, 2006  

Charming indeed. I love how this is done.

Anonymous,  April 04, 2006  

I agree. There's an 'old fashion' charm about these pieces, Claire. Beautiful!

Anonymous,  April 04, 2006  

Very pretty! I really love the flowers on the tree. How do you make your prints?

Claire Louise Milne April 04, 2006  

The prints are printed by me at home on cardstock. I have an inkjet that does nice quality printouts as long as the cartridge is fresh!

Aravis April 06, 2006  

Such a lovely, delicate illustration. I love it!

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