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>> Sunday, April 02, 2006

Did I mention I finally received my copy of Denise Schmidt Quilts? I say finally because I discovered it long after everyone else seemed to already be using it as their quilting bible. A friend of mine showed me pictures of Denise's beautiful quilts a few years ago, but I didn't see the book right away when it came out.

I'm not a great quilter, I haven't done a lot with that, but this book describes everything so well and of course the ideas are so inspiring. It really makes it easy to get started, and I managed to make a new cushion cover in just two hours. I've been wanting to do something with the green floral fabric ever since I found it, but it was actually just a smallish circle and I wasn't sure how to use it. We put it under our little potted Christmas tree last year! I ended up using the design for the "Closet Case Satchet" on a larger scale, combined with the basic cushion covering idea from the "Hits the Spot Cushion". The Spot cushion pattern just clarified how to make the flap in the back so you can take the cushion out and wash the cover. It's very simple but I just didn't know exactly how to do it. The following picture shows the side so you can see the flap. I made it so that one third of the back is overlapping.
I wasn't sure how to enlarge the Satchet pattern enough, so I just made my own. I came up with a good trick to do this. First of all I cut a large piece of paper the exact size of the cushion without seam allowance. Then I folded it in half both ways and each section in half again. Then I cut the two side strips off, the two shorter top and bottom strips, then the middle pieces. If you have the book it describes the way the pieces go exactly, but if you look at the picture of the finished cover you can get the idea too. So the proportions of my cushion cover aren't exactly like the Satchet. This is a picture of my pattern pieces laid out in place:Then I pinned the pattern pieces to the fabric (and I had exactly enough of the green floral - yay!) and added the seam allowance around each piece when I cut. The picture will show you the idea:It's not complicated, but it's a good trick so that you can start with the shape you want, cut it into pieces, then add the seam allowance when you cut out the fabric. Then of course you just sew the pieces together, starting with the middle pieces and working your way out. It was really very easy and quick.

And I did this using what I had, which forces you to really look through your stash and maybe use something you wouldn't have otherwise. I was very happy with the colours in the end. I have lots of greens in my apartment and a yellow chenille blanket I put on the couch (except when company comes over) so this cushion ties the colours in together. And now I can enjoy one of my favourite floral fabrics all the time when I'm sitting on my couch!


Anonymous,  April 02, 2006  

Claire, beautiful job! So satisfying to get something so nice out of small pieces of fabric on hand. Lovely.

Anonymous,  April 02, 2006  

I was thinking a quilting cushion was a really good use what you have idea but didn't know where to start so thanks a lot!

Belinda April 02, 2006  

I've just order this book, I haven't quilted before. But thought the smaller projects would give me somewhere to start. Love the cushion!!

Suzanne Cranston April 03, 2006  

Wonderful pillow.
I really like your fabric choices.
Way to Go!

Berber April 03, 2006  

Your cushion is beautiful!
Your pincushion too, by the way!

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