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>> Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I've had a few swaps on the go in the past few weeks and I've been a bit slow about getting the packages ready. Being sick for a week has put me even farther behind, but I'm finally feeling better so I think I can catch up soon.

I just finished a package tonight going to Heather in Japan. I liked some of her fabric and she offered to swap. We decided I would send her a needle book, but of course I've added in some extras and so did she. This is the fabric she sent me, I originally noticed the red Japanese floral, but now the Hansel and Gretel one is my favourite. It's just so sweet. I've been seeing other people make things with these storybook fabrics and now I have some!She also sent these extra cute things - the flat candy has a Thumbelina picture on the front - I recognized it because she is carried on the back of a swallow and that's the part I illustrated myself. And I love the little gift envelope - it has a card inside and a pretty crocheted flower on the outside.
She also sent some cute stationary and I noticed that it actually matches a tin pencil case that my friend Ben gave me as a Christmas present. So I took a picture with the stationary Heather sent and the tin that Ben gave me. The tin has a tray in it that lifts out so you can organize your pencils and other art supplies. I guess having pancakes and muffins with happy faces is popular in Japan - the home of so many cute things. I love the stationary kit!Thank you Heather, for such a nice package - I can't wait to make something with the Hansel and Gretel fabric!

Of course I can't show what I'm sending - it has to be a surprise, but I will give you a sneak peek of the needlebook - Heather liked the gnome needlebook I made, and thought having a house on hers would be nice.


gkgirl April 26, 2006  

for such
swappy goodness!

and talent...
and creativity...

which there is an abundance
of here

Anonymous,  April 26, 2006  

Love that happy pancake!

Anonymous,  April 27, 2006  

Great goodies! And I love your gnome needlebook too. :D

Jessica Smith April 29, 2006  

the hansel & gretel fabric is awesome!

Anonymous,  May 01, 2006  

oh my whoozie, i'm so excited! *waving tiny pom poms*!

i'm glad you like the package. i don't see alot of thumbelina stuff, but i was surprised to see the candy wrapper there. is it gum, i think?

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