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>> Friday, March 03, 2006

A lot of people ask me about swapping. They want to know how it's arranged and how it works. I have to admit that one of the main reasons I wanted to start a blog was so that I could participate in swaps. It was the last back-tack that put me over the edge - those packages were so amazing!!

There are a few different ways I've arranged swaps. Sometimes people offer something to people who comment on their blog. Then I make a package for them in exchange. I've offered things to people on my blog, the winner of a recent quiz was sent a handmade present (still a secret) recently, and now we are swapping ATCs too. There are official swap groups such as the aforementioned Color-iffic swap-o-rama. That one is based on a colour theme.

This is the package I received today for the Green Color-iffic swap-o-rama. It came from Claudia of chestofdrawers - we had already swapped before! For the previous swap I sent a kid's embroidery book and she sent me lots of fabric and goodies. I love my green package, my favourite thing of course is the beautiful owl she made for me pictured at the top of this post.

Package includes, fabric, ribbon, pencils, apple notebook with apple stickers, bookmarks, letter paper, green window paint, green pencil sharpener (looks like a little can with cute graphic), half circle sticky notes, pretty green fish that goes in the bath and releases flowerlike confetti, turquoise sequins, and last but not least frog magnet. It's all wonderful, thank you Claudia!

Also on Flickr are other swap opportunities. One group is for fabric, you post pictures of fabric or other craft relating things and if someone likes it they will offer to swap with you. I did that recently, and sent the fabric and a few extras and received this pretty package from green kitchen. I love it, thank you Michelle!
Here's a close-up of that adorable animal fabric:I've also had a certain lovely person offer to send me some fabric, just because she saw me comment about it on Flickr. Of course I was so pleased I made her a package in exchange.And recently I received a surprise package from Teresa! She sent me turquoise rick-rack, flowery fabric, pretty liberty card, vintage buttons, lip gloss that looks like a candy, flower beads, and a ring made of amber and copper coloured beads - not in the picture because I am wearing it!! I loved everything, Teresa and I had swapped before and she wanted to send me something extra - it was such a nice surprise!

These aren't even all the swaps I've done or all the kinds of swap opportunities. Generally I think it starts with comments and mutual admiration. Then a bit of emailing. If you have a blog it's great because then the person can see what you like, you know what you have in common and it gives you ideas/inspiration for what to send. If not, the next best thing is Flickr, where you can post pictures and comments and scoot around "meeting" people. I've found that most people like to swap because it's always so nice to get packages in the mail.


Berber March 03, 2006  

I'm quite new to the world of swapping, so thanks for the information :)

Claudia March 03, 2006  

So glad you liked everything. It has given me a thrill to see you use my swap fabric in different projects and I have also enjoyed connecting with people all over the world by swapping and find it very inspiring to see what people are creating with their swap items. Thanks for the great post!

Anonymous,  March 03, 2006  

Great post, lots of info, and wonderful swap photos. Now, what are you looking to swap next? I'm ready! ;)

Anonymous,  March 04, 2006  

Wow Claire, you must be in love with your postman! Swaps can be confusing, but gosh they sure are fun!

Toni March 04, 2006  

That animal fabric is sooooooo darling!! Is it vintage? The owl is wonderful too.

Anonymous,  March 05, 2006  

That owl is adorable and I love swaps too.

Kristy March 05, 2006  

I've only done one swap so far and am arranging another.I just love the idea that someone is really thinking of me.We never have enough time to think of ourselves do we?

Anonymous,  March 13, 2006  

I love the owl!

I've never done a swap before...how does one get involved in them?

Anonymous,  March 14, 2006  

thanks for that advice.

i guess it's not all cut and dry. it helps having a blog, as you say- it starts by meeting people online. i'm all new to this craft blogging thing, so it's great you shared this insider info!

i joined the fabric swap group at flickr that you linked to, and put in some photos there. we'll see what happens next.


Lucia April 23, 2006  

Hi, needle book.

I just begin my first swap today, and I find your blog from a link that another flickr user post on flickr.

Thank you for sharing your experiences,and I am looking forward to swaping more. :D

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