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>> Thursday, March 16, 2006

Vintage aprons can be a great way to pick up some nice fabric, the only problem is that sometimes they're really charming and it's hard to cut them up. This one is currently my favourite, and although I love the fabric I think I'll keep it the way it is. Part of the charm is the white rick-rack trim, and the pale blue background colour is so pretty with the floral pockets. This particular apron was also the best bargain - the thrift shop owner had it put aside in a bag for a Goodwill donation and said I could just take it. I think most people aren't interested in old aprons. Lucky me! The next week she had some aprons in a box for sale for $6 each.
This yellow apron I bought for $6 at the same store. I think I will cut this one up for fabric. I don't like the style as much, plus it has two layers, the floral and the plain yellow, so there's more fabric to use. The outside has a plain yellow pocket and the inside has a floral pocket.
Here's a detail of the cute flower fabric. Very cheerful, good for something in the kitchen. I have an idea already but I'll tell you about that in another post.
This blue one was from a thrift clothing store on Queen West. It cost $4. Another one for cutting up I think. The floral pattern is too busy for me at this size, but for something small it would be really cute.
This light blue and red one is one I got years ago at the Goodwill dollar-a-pound (it's now closed and relocated uptown). Which means it cost around 20 cents. I bought a few other aprons there - this was my favourite. It's very small, so I think it's for a child. Of course my favourite part is the strawberry pocket.
This turquoise and flowery one came from Value Village, another thrift store - it was $1.99.
Here's a detail of the floral fabric. I love it! This one will get cut up too. I love how well the floral fabric goes with the plain turquoise part.
So that's it for aprons. I have a few more stashed away but these are my recent acquisitions and my favourites. The funny part is I'm not much of a cook - but I love sweets so I do like baking. Sometimes I wear the pale blue one around the house while I'm working on illustrations so I can tuck pencils, my eraser and pencil sharpener etc. in the pocket. Now you think I'm dotty right?


Anonymous,  March 16, 2006  

I really love the first blue apron--so cute! I understand not completly wanting to cut up something that pretty.

Anonymous,  March 16, 2006  

I love the fabric in the first apron. I have to admit I've never had much of a thing for aprons, except the white ones that I could bleach up clean in the wash, I always forget to use them. But with fabric that cute, wow!

Anonymous,  March 16, 2006  

LOVE that last one...the floral and turquoise go perfectly together. they would look great as a belt like the one you made a while ago...great post, thanks for sharing

Kristy March 17, 2006  

I just love vintage aprons too!I must have over 30 as every time I see one I can't resist.Most are homemade and I just love the idea that someone went to the effort of chosing the fabric and making it.Unlike today where most people just buy off the peg!I find it really difficult to cut them up though.I think I'll try!!

my house is cuter than yours March 18, 2006  

i agree!!! i love that first apron..that tiny rick rack is so cute!!

toronto craft alert March 22, 2006  

can i ask what VV you go to to score such lovelies? i was down with the montreal "villages" but so far have had little luck with toronto ones (e.g. the one on roncesvalles or queen street east). maybe i just need to be going more often...feel free to email me. thanks.

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