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>> Friday, March 31, 2006

A while ago Samantha from plump pudding offered up some of her charming fabric chickens. She sent me a lovely package, in a sewn blue striped bag. The chicken, of course, which is made from really pretty fabrics, and a soft little purple gingham pincushion, and a handy tissue cosy which I immediately tucked into my bag.

I loved the fabric on the wings, it's two layers and the polka dot layer is almost transparent. It's a really nice way to use this kind of fabric, I can never think of uses for flimsier fabric like this so now I have a good idea for it. Thank you Samantha, I loved my package!I am catching up with my swaps, and posting my swaps, and tonight I finally finished a package for Samantha. It will be in the post as of tomorrow for sure! Obviously I will have to keep the contents a surprise for now. I don't always follow up on swaps that I've sent that had to be kept secret at the time, but I will mention that the prize for answering my quiz was the needle book at the top of the post, it went to Cathy and it has finally arrived. I've had bad mail luck lately and it was chewed by a dog first!

Thanks to everyone for making my new spring etsy shop such a success, the two pincushions are already gone - I will have to make some more. I wanted to see if they would be appealing to people first. I added the bird postcard to my shop as a separate item and I've already sold six of them, so that went really well too. Thank you and the packages are already in the mail!


Samantha April 02, 2006  

Hi Claire,
glad to see that the parcel has arrived safely.

I am aware that it is April and use what you have - I am just not adding craft books to this criteria!

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