Brown and pink bird painting

>> Saturday, March 18, 2006

This is what I painted today. I'm thinking of creating an extra illustration portfolio for editorial work. I love children's illustration, but I thought I would also like to branch out a bit (excuse the pun). I also spent some time leafing through my Martha Stewart wedding magazines for inspiration for our invitations. I've been a bit daunted about planning for the wedding so I'm starting with something I like to do. The bird illustration is possibly for the invitations.

I've also been busy updating my illustration site, I sent out a lot of self promotions recently and I want people to see an updated site if they visit.


Green Kitchen March 18, 2006  

I love this painting--very sweet. Did you announce your engagement already? Congratulations!

Kristy March 19, 2006  

I love the composition of that painting.So clean and effective.The bird and blossom are so tranquil.Wouls be a great bedroom painting!

Anonymous,  March 19, 2006  

I love this painting too! It would look great on an invitation. Very serene.

Susan Mitchell March 19, 2006  

This is lovely Claire!

Anonymous,  March 19, 2006  

I love that painting! Its your style, but yet its different and new. You should do more, definitely. I you should definitely do you own wedding invites, or at least as much as you have time for. So much more memorable that way.

Anonymous,  March 19, 2006  

I love it! I am so into birds and blossoms right now probably because I am yearning for spring. I think I must have missed a step about a wedding so here is a late congratulations for you! I designed every aspect of my small garden wedding and it exhausting but oh so fun. I am sure you will have many beautiful things-can't wait to see it all unfold-cheers!

Anonymous,  March 19, 2006  

Gorgeous illustration - love the colors and subject! This would make a lovely invitation and a perfect theme for your whole wedding :)

Ms. Ly March 19, 2006  

Looking at this painting put me in a state of awe and relaxation. So serene it is!

Jannie aka Chickengirl March 19, 2006  

This would make such a lovely invitation. Also I went over to checkk out your updated website-lots of great work and also very good clear info!

malglam March 19, 2006  

Wow! Great! So delicate...

Toni March 19, 2006  

Beautiful! so sweet.

Anonymous,  March 19, 2006  

I love it. how very sweet and could be the start of a whole theme for your wedding. A little nesting theme for you and your crafty boy!

Anonymous,  March 20, 2006  

So pretty! It would make a beautiful invitation!

Anonymous,  March 20, 2006  

I love the colors you chose for this illustration. And the flowers remind me of my quince branch.

Anonymous,  March 21, 2006  

It's lovely!

Nicole Valentine March 21, 2006  

knew to your blog via wise craft - I adore this painting!

amy March 22, 2006  

your paintings/illustrations are beautiful! this would look so great as an invite!

Kate Schmidt March 31, 2006  

That's absolutely lovely. It perfectly embodies spring.

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