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>> Friday, February 17, 2006

I've started making more needle books lately. I finished this one last night, the inside pages are light pink felted wool, and the lining is a pink floral fabric. The top is brown courdoroy with a snap closure and some felt applique and crewel embroidery. It may go into my etsy shop but I haven't decided yet.

I've been tagged by A Little Hut...

Four jobs I've had in my life:
first job ever: paper route
working my way through university: data manager
decided I wanted to do something creative: graphic designer
currently (my dream job): children's book illustrator

Four movies I would watch over and over:
• about a boy
• A Room with a View
• The Talented Mr. Ripley
• Harry Potter 1, 2, and 3

Four places I have lived:
one year in Edinburgh, Scotland at age 9
that's it, except for neighbourhoods in Toronto: grew up in the Beaches, several years in the Annex, currently downtown

Four TV Shows I like to watch:
• The Office (love the original)
• Curb your Enthusiasm
• To the Manor Born
• Doctor Who

Four Places I have been on vacation:
• Dorset, Weymouth, Plymouth and London, England
• Playa del Carmen, Mexico
• New York City
• Holguín, Cuba

Four Websites I visit daily:
• Flickr
• hotmail
• blogger
• fellow crafters blogs

Four of my favorite foods:
• jam roly poly and custard
• fruit in general: especially lychees and longans
• Vietnamese: cold shrimp rolls and peanut sauce
• Japanese: mixed barbecue set

Four places I would rather be right now:
• Number Seventeen, Cherry-Tree Lane
• Moominvalley
• Misselthwaite Manor
• Much Frensham, Little Alders
*The first person to email me at clairelmilne(at)hotmail.com, explaining what these references are, will get a wee prize mailed to them by me! Clue for #4: the children also stay in BEDfordshire. It's over! Cathy Gaubert just identified all four places. Thanks everyone.*


cathygaubert,  February 17, 2006  
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Claire Louise Milne February 17, 2006  

Oops- I just realized people will give away some answers by posting them in the comment. Better email me at clairelmilne(at)hotmail.com.

Thanks for delurking Cathy! You missed #4 though - that's a tricky one!

You may still win though if no one else knows all four...

cathy gaubert,  February 17, 2006  

1. mary poppin's household
2. setting for a series of books by tove jansson
3. the manor of mary lennox's uncle (the secret garden)
4. bedknobs and broomsticks
i admit to having to google #'s 2 & 4!
:) cathy (who is de-lurking finally)

A Little Hut February 17, 2006  

That was a fun read. Thanks Claire! I still can't figure out #4 though.

Claire Louise Milne February 17, 2006  

I reposted Cathy's comment now that she has emailed me with all four right answers. I'm going to be sending her a little something.
thanks Cathy!

Rose February 17, 2006  

I love your needle book. Actually, I got #4 (movie geek here), it was #2 that had me stumped!

tania February 17, 2006  

i wish i was in moomin valley too-
the needle book is so pretty!

susan February 17, 2006  

the needlebook is beautiful!

jackie February 18, 2006  

I love Dr Who as well and Vietnamese roll ups.
What you gave Blair is awesome.

Wimpy February 18, 2006  

lovelovelove all your little bags!

cathy gaubert,  February 19, 2006  

oh, claire! i am so excited to be receiving a little goodie from you! i love your idea for the camera bag, too. :) cathy

Claire Louise Milne February 19, 2006  

I was very happy to meet you Cathy, your ATCs are beautiful so I'm looking forward to swapping those. thanks for answering the quiz!

gracia February 19, 2006  

What a beautiful needle book... we've just spent the early morning making little owl shaped pin cushions. Love your blog, so glad to have found it via your flickr album. See you, g

Toni February 19, 2006  

That needlebook is beautiful!

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