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>> Sunday, March 05, 2006

Finally my illustration promotion packages are out! Each publisher received an envelope with 6-9 printed samples, a personalized letter and a business card. Part of the work was just finding all the addresses and making sure they were up-to-date. Good thing I checked because one of the publishers had gone out of business since my last package. It's a nice feeling knowing that the packages are out there, hopefully being well-received. I realized after this that the last time I sent a batch of self-promotions out was in 2003, so it was long overdue.

In other news, I finally tried out the very popular "Kate" pattern. I used an unknown fibre yarn, probably acrylic and I have to admit I can't shake my yarn snobbery. It was going to be a gift for a little baby, and I was thinking initially that a mum would appreciate being able to throw it in the wash. But if it's someone who knows their fibres, they probably wouldn't like the acrylic either. The skeins felt fairly soft but there's a slight synthetic feel that bothers me. I'd like to hear people's opinion on the natural fibre/synthetics for toy making. It's too bad, because the colours were so nice and cheerful for a little baby and of course Kate herself is so lovable! So I think I will make another one in wool and it will just have to be a hand wash toy. It was good practise though, and now I think I'm ready to design my own.

p.s. I just saw the Nanny McPhee movie and it's wonderful! Emma Thompson is so brilliant. The Nurse Matilda books were some of my favourites growing up so I was really happy that the movie was so good.


Anonymous,  March 06, 2006  

I love Kate too, and have made my own version called Pierre! He's french with a striped top and matching beret. I too hate acrylics, and avoid knitting with them. However, as a mother of a 4 year old, I would say anything that is washable is better, because at some stage, everything goes in the mouth, in the dirt, in the puddles, etc. etc.!

Susan Mitchell March 06, 2006  

So cute Claire! And I do think synthetic is okay when it comes to toys for kids because if there is a muddy puddle, that kitty is sure to get dropped in it!

Well done on getting your promo stuff out there - now you can sit back and see what opportunites come your way!

Anonymous,  March 06, 2006  

I also hate acrylic but with 2 kids I also know how important washability is! I made a Bobbi Bear for my nephew out of organic cotton. It was washable and incredibly soft. I also loathe the acrylic yarn all baby blankets seem to be made of. I knit a blanket for the same nephew in GGH Goa which is 50/50 wool and acrylic. It turned out really nice- it's washed often with no problem and is never crunchy! I bet it would be good for toys too.

Claire Louise Milne March 06, 2006  

Thank you everyone for all the feedback, I really appreciate it. I'm making a second Kate now with acrylic/wool blends and it feels softer but a bit more practical than pure wool.

Ms. Ly March 07, 2006  

have you tried using baby yarns? there are acrylic baby yarns which are really soft and great for versatile blankies... i wonder if it would be too soft for a toy?

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