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>> Thursday, March 30, 2006

Some needle book visitors were very nice and emailed asking me about putting my handmade needlebooks and pincushions into my etsy shop. So I've decided to try it out and I've put my first pincushion in today. The bird illustration was also popular, so every purchase comes with a postcard of the bird on a branch picture printed by me at home.

Here's a close-up, the pincushion comes with the pins and card, and if you mention that you are a needle book reader I will tuck in an extra wee surprise.Happy Spring!

Note: this one has already sold - thank you orange blossom goddess! The 2nd pincushion has also sold, thank you Kristy! I've added the bird postcard to the shop for purchase on its own. I will be adding more pincushions soon.


Heather March 30, 2006  

wooo! I'm excited about this...I'm heading straight to your etsy!

Anonymous,  March 30, 2006  

Oh, holy cow, I keep missing everything today, they must have all sold out. I love this, you know I'm mentally decorating my new craft space so I'm looking at everything that would fit in it.

Are you going to sell the bird prints separately?

Kristy March 30, 2006  

Wow!I finally got there first!The pin cushion is lovely and that print I so love!Can't wait to get them:)

Belinda March 30, 2006  

good luck with the shop, I especially love the postcard!!

Guin March 30, 2006  

I adore that bird illustration. You've actually inspired me to pick up my brush again with it, thank you!

Claire Louise Milne March 30, 2006  

thank you so much everyone!

Anonymous,  March 30, 2006  

i am on a mission to buy all beautiful bird illustrations i find - i am so thrilled you are offering yours on etsy, i am heading there next.

Anonymous,  March 30, 2006  

i just bought a card! YaY!

City Wiccan March 31, 2006  

the illustration is beautiful! I love the colours in the flowers . . . such detail!

Toni April 01, 2006  

Such pretty offerings! I would love to own one of your pincushions and notecards...next time maybe :)

molly | mommycoddle.com April 09, 2006  

shoot claire!! I've been 'off' blogreading because of our move--I know before I moved we talked about your wrist pincusions--did you sell any??

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