Boy Knitting - part 3

>> Monday, March 27, 2006

This is the gorgeous scarf that Bradley just finished. It's knitted from blue, navy blue, orange, tan and dark olive green Jo Sharp Silkroads Ultra. He did it in the sideways garter stitch style, knitting with two colours twined together at a time and switching every row and sometimes in the middle of a row. He is so proud of this scarf and rightly so, it looks and feels wonderful plus he had the herculean task of weaving in about a million ends.Now that he's finished the scarf, he's working on a hat made from blended yarns again, with a stripe with a pattern on it around the middle. Like me, he likes to design his own things, and unlike me, he's very patient and makes lots of swatches and diagrams.

Bradley asked me to sew him a knitting bag recently, for a present, and even hinted at the fabrics he liked. I finished it today, just in time for our 2nd anniversary (of our first date). The inside is a brown, blue and white stripe, and has a square pocket to hold patterns or notes on one side, and a knitting needles sleeve with dividers on the other side.
The brown outside has an appliqued robot for decoration, this part was the surprise. I was very happy with how much Bradley liked his new knitting bag. Although I think I can't really go wrong with anything with a robot.
I forgot to mention on my last post, but it was my 100th post! I'd like to thank everyone for making me so welcome in the crafts blog world. Your comments and emails are really appreciated, whether you have a blog or not. It's been wonderful to join in with swaps and sharing ideas, patterns and inspiration. Speaking of which, coming up soon will be more swap pictures, my current knitting bag project, pictures from my new Japanese crafts books and fabric, and I'll be showing off the lovely fabrics that Bradley bought me for my anniversary present!


City Wiccan March 28, 2006  

Sorry, I'm newer to your blog .. . you have a boyfriend that knits!?! Whoa, lucky you . . . how did you land that? . . . and what an awesome scarf!

two rabbits March 28, 2006  

happy 100th post!

I love the robot knitting bag! And the scarf is great!

Tania Ho March 28, 2006  

the robot bag is so cute ;-) and congratulations on the 100th post **

Berber March 28, 2006  

Both the scarf and the bag are beautiful!
Congratulations on your 100th post!

Jenn March 28, 2006  

first off, how jealous am I that your bf (fiance? husband?) not only fully supports your knitting, but darn it , he does it too!! how neat! :)

second, what a cute scarf he made!

third, what an absolutely adorable knitting bag did you make! love it all.. :)


Anonymous,  March 28, 2006  

Happy 100th! The robot is awesome.

Anonymous,  March 28, 2006  

Congrats on all acounts; beautiful bag, man who knots, 100th post-too cool! I am afraid that you emailed me a few days ago about selling and pricing and such and I've wanted to reply to the mail, but I think I erased it on accident. I'd love to reply, I will keep looking for it.

Ms. Ly March 29, 2006  

congrats claire!

Anonymous,  March 29, 2006  

oh i'm so happy you have a crafty fella like that. my boyfriend balks at the suggestion that he could try crochet. or that he might ever be interested in making anything. D.I.Y is D.I.WHY? for him.

but he is coming around... he can recognize the difference between crochet and knitting... and i think i'm making headway.

congrats to your boyfriend too, as he knows the joys of making something. and it's a very handsome *manly* bag too!

Anonymous,  March 29, 2006  

Congratulations Claire on a huge milestone...100 is a big deal. i haven't been in this blog community for very long, but your site is the first i ever posted a comment to, and you've become one of my daily reads...thank you for sharing all your beautiful work...i look forward to more things to come. and GO BRADLEY!!

Susan Mitchell March 30, 2006  

Love Bradley's scarf, love the bag. I really admire the fact that you always have a project on the go - very inspiring and Happy 100!

colorfool March 31, 2006  

Wow! A knitting mate!
I love the robot bag you made. The striped lining is great!

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