The most beautiful swap package ever

>> Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Today was such a happy mail day! My swap package from Blair arrived!! I've been anticipating it so much because I knew I would love it. And it was SO WONDERFUL!

Sit back because I am going to show you a picture of each and every thing in my lovely package. The picture above is the beautiful Japanese fabric pouch with an orange lining. I had to show the lining because the contrast is so beautiful. The decoration on the front is this embroidery:
I love it so much! There's something that is quiet and serene about it. Inside the pouch were some embroidery flosses, some pretty buttons, and another little embroidery of a knitting basket! Hmm, perfect decoration for a new knitting bag.
And speaking of sewing, this is the wonderful fabric that inspired the swap. This all began when Blair asked if I would like her to send me some of this fabric (the one on the right) after she saw me comment about it on Flickr. I've heard it's available at JoAnn's, but we don't have that here in Canada and I didn't see it in the online shop. This is a really big piece - more than I expected! Plus, look at the charming tartan next to it...that was just something extra. I can't wait to sew something with these.
And last but not least, look at this pretty cloth flower brooch! It's going on my coat immediately. I love the colours, I love polka dots, I feel as if Blair really knows me because this is so me. Thank you thank you thank you Blair! As you can see I am absolutely over the moon with my swap package!
In other news, my Martha Stewart Kids arrived today too. See what a happy mail day it was? This is the only magazine I subscribe to, because I always always want to buy it whenever I saw it on the shelves. My excuse is that despite the fact that I don't have any kids, I'm a children's illustrator. So it's good for me to keep up on the children's publishing market, right? The magazine really is filled with exceptional illustration talent. My favourite part is the middle section, which contains the "how now" magazine just for kids. But the truth is I love everything about the magazine. I love the design, the photographs, the crafts projects, the decorating, the little meal ideas, I want the monkey birthday cake, I've made the little flower beaded hair pins.

So I was very disappointed to hear that they aren't going to renew my looks like they may not be continuing the magazine. I have seven issues - I'm not sure how many there were - so I will just have to treasure those. I'm also sad about it, because illustrating for Martha Stewart Kids was my dream job, I was even planning on sending them a special self-promotion package with a handmade book.

In case I'm not the only one disappointed about this, I will end on a more cheerful note, here's one last detail from Blair's package, look at the charming little cherry ribbon tie!


Anonymous,  March 07, 2006  

I'm so glad you like everything Claire, it was definitely a fun package to put together. Can't wait to see what you do with the fabric.

Anonymous,  March 07, 2006  

Aw, I too would miss MS kids... But WOW, what a package! That embroidery is my favorite part! Lovely.

Anonymous,  March 07, 2006  

Wonderful stuff! That's too bad about MS's a beautifully designed and illustrated magazine.

OfficeTYPE March 07, 2006  

What a beautiful little pouch!

Susan Mitchell March 08, 2006  

Great package - lucky you!
I had no idea about MS Kids not continuing, I even got a new subscription for my sister-in-law. I have subscribed to it for a while and even though my son is getting a bit old for some of the projects in it, I love it for me!
As you say, it is very inspiring - they always have great photos for image reference.

molly | March 08, 2006  

claire, I am so behind on reading your blog(actually almost everyone's blogs) and I just sat this morning and scrolled through all the entries I've missed. I felt so inspired by things you are making/receiving/giving....
That package from blair is absolutely wonderful. I think someone called her the blogworld fairy godmother.
I love MSK too, and I'm shocked and sad if what you say is true. I get so much inspiration from that mag. Makes me want to write them a little letter....
thanks for all the inspiration your blog provided today!!

Jannie aka Chickengirl March 08, 2006  

So funny because I was just at B&N the other day oogling over the Martha Stewart's kids magazine!

Toni March 08, 2006  

No more martha kids? dang it. I just bought the recent issue and I love it so much. I was seriously wanting to subcribe. sniff, sniff.

Blair's things are so great. Lucky!

Samantha March 08, 2006  

I have just come from Flickr where I saw the photos. You are lucky!

Shame about the Martha Stewart Kids. So many people rave about it, I thought it was a popular magazine :o(

farah aria March 11, 2006  

Martha Stewart's KIDS is just going to change the name to JUST FOR KIDS she will still be making a kids magazine. I just ordered a subscription. I DO hope it is just as nice.

I also bought that magazine way before I had a child too! I had the same excuse being a children's illustrator.

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