The long weekend

>> Monday, July 03, 2006

Our long weekend started with some strawberry picking at a farm. I had imagined that we would be there for hours, but it turned out we had filled our buckets in around half an hour! The strawberries are delicious, and we had perfect weather - not too hot and a bit of a breeze. I think we'll go back for the raspberries.
After that we visited Bradley's parents and picked a few baskets of cherries from the tree in their garden.
Then yesterday we took our bicycles on the ferry to the Toronto Islands (Hanlan's point) and rode through the islands to Ward's island. It's much cooler on the island - a huge relief from the 35-degree weather in the city. We had a picnic and lounged around for a couple of hours, we saw lots of robins, I did some sketching with charcoal from the beach and then we headed home.

I did a bit of sewing this weekend too, working on a project I will post about next. I also made the decision to let more of my crafts go. I make things and get attached to them. But then they sit around once I've turned my attention to the next project and they aren't getting appreciated (plus they take up room). So with this in mind, I've been sorting out things to put into my etsy shop. Today I added a brown linen needlebook (SOLD) - with more embroidery - and my wool felted white berry pouch.
More to follow soon!


laura capello July 03, 2006  

Oh, my, your needlebooks are lovely.

And I'm rather jealous of your strawberry picking. Not only is my foot in a cast, I do not know of any local strawberry farms.

Anonymous,  July 03, 2006  

Wow, love the needlebook!

(Angie) Norththreads: July 03, 2006  

Those berrys look delish!! And your needlebooks are lovely!

Anonymous,  July 09, 2006  

that is such a beautiful needlebook- I admire your work so much!
... and those strawberries look delish- how I wish we were in summer now too!

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