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>> Friday, July 21, 2006

I made this crocheted hat a long time ago - it was one of my first posts ever - and I've been meaning to make a matching scarf for it for ages. I had the matching wool tucked away ready for when the right pattern came along. The main part is a shell stitch and I picked up stitches around the brim and knitted the bottom part.

So while browsing through the new Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker book I found the perfect scarf pattern - a scallopy scarf called the "one-skein scarf". So yes, even though it's been sweltering hot here I've been crocheting a scarf. While on the subject I would like to mention that I visited knitomatic (my favourite knitting store) recently to pick up some crafts supplies Hayley was giving away. It was one of those days that's 34 degrees and feels like 40. And while we were chatting Hayley was busy knitting away. So I'm not alone! p.s. thank you Hayley for the felt.

This pattern is so pretty and very simple. It's knitted sideways. I like designing my own things, but it's nice following a pattern sometimes because you know ahead of time how much yarn you'll need. I finished the scarf in two days.
Here's a detail:My WIP is the weekender bag and it took me a few hours last night cutting out the outside, lining and interfacing pieces. I still have the timtex pieces to do. That's right I still haven't even cut everything out! I do finally have all the ingredients though. I had more trouble than I expected finding the 1/4" cording since they had run out at Fabricland and a couple of sewing stores I tried gave me that "as if" look. You know when you ask for something and they look at you as if you'd asked for a cordless drill. I thought the dollar stores might have it - it's really just cotton rope but they only had nylon rope. Then I found some really long cotton bootlaces that looked just like the cord and came in 1/4"! Perfect.


Tania Ho July 21, 2006  

love the scarf and hat, they're both gorgeous !

Anonymous,  July 21, 2006  

I love the One-Skein scarf pattern - it was my very first crochet project! Now I can't wait to actually be able to wear it!

ruby-crowned kinglette July 21, 2006  

those are beautiful - i admire you working on winter projects when it is so warm...

Inanna July 23, 2006  

Beautiful scarf - I've been wanting to try that pattern and now you've really inspired me. I like the soft neutral color, too.

Anonymous,  July 25, 2006  

You're just amazing with the knitting and sewing, Claire! This might be a dumb question, but will those long scarf segments be attached to each other? Hope that makes sense.

Claire Louise Milne July 25, 2006  

I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but the scarf is knit as one long piece. I just took the picture close up so it looks like separate segments.

Anonymous,  July 26, 2006  

Oh, dear Lord, I want a weekender bag now!

I think that's way beyond my sewing machine ability, but I really, really want one.

I received your beautiful needle book over the weekend and my ornery daughter claimed it as her own, so I will have to order another one for myself. It's just marvelous!

Anonymous,  July 29, 2006  

Oh, okay, Claire. I guess that the photo from my perspective makes it look too thin to be a scarf on it's own. But then again, I'm kinda new to wearing scarfs so what do I know? : )

Anonymous,  July 29, 2006  

P.S. "annonymous" is me. : )

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