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>> Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In a continued effort to get some children's magazine work, I've create another sample spread for Babybug. That's right, I'm going to keep sending them illustrations/manuscripts until they notice me! Hopefully they haven't already noticed me but weren't interested...

It can be strange being an illustrator sometimes, sitting at home wondering what the responses were to your numerous missives. Publishing staff could be looking at samples and liking them, perhaps filing them away until the right project comes along. Or the rejected samples could be sitting somewhere in a big box on their way to recycling! It's a bit like buying a lottery ticket, nothing might happen at all, but you never know when something will get to the right person and lead to a project.

On the upside, I have sent samples and had publishing staff take the time to email and say they liked them. I even had an editor say one of the staff was going to frame one of my postcards and use it to decorate her house. And best of all, I've sent a package that did sit in a file somewhere but led to a book a year later. So even though the online portfolios generally lead to more work, I still keep mailing out packages because you never know.

For this illustration I used the Illustration Friday topic (Sticky) as a starting point, and immediately thought of sticky foods - jam, peanut butter, honey. And who loves those more than a young bear? This was my sketch: Generally I like how the final artwork came out, but although my scanner is quite good, in this case it didn't do such a great job. For some reason dark pink doesn't come out well with my scanner. And overall the colours are a lot richer in the original although I did try to adjust them in Photoshop. Oh well! My little bear did come out nice and fat, and I like the decorations on the chair and the scalloped placemat. Here's a detail:As always you can click on the image to see it larger. Thank you for visiting!


Anonymous,  July 04, 2006  

continue! continue! continue!
your illustrations are lovely!!!
actually i thought this illustration took from a vintage book and was amaized to discover that you painted it!!!!

Heather July 04, 2006  

I agree - it does look very vintage! I love, love, love the scalloped placemat!

Anonymous,  July 04, 2006  

it does indeed look vintage, you should keep going! It is fabulous!

Susan Mitchell July 04, 2006  

Lovely sticky bear! I think this will get you noticed - it is beautiful!

Goomie July 04, 2006  

I think it's a lovely illustration. Keep up the good work ... I know how you feel about submissions, I'm going through the same frustrations ... don't give up!

Abigail July 04, 2006  

Lovely work! Reminds me of the old Golden Books.

The Unknown July 04, 2006  

That's wonderful.

Donna Farrell July 04, 2006  

I too loved the vintage feel, style and colors.
I agree they should nibble on this one :)
Good Luck~

Anonymous,  July 04, 2006  

Aww, so very cute! Good luck with can indeed be tough sometimes. All the best! =)

Dana S. Whitney July 05, 2006  

I remember when a sales person told me you had to get 20 "no's" before you could expect anything close to a yes. I didn't know that was how the "game worked. Keep at it. And keep telling people exactly what you want to do. Maybe you'll illustrate your own stories before you illustrate anyone elses!

molly | July 05, 2006  

this sample looks fantastic! i think it looks like it is right off the pages of babybug. i can't imagine them not loving it. and i think your writing that accompanies it is great, too.
keep us all posted!!

Debra Cooper July 05, 2006  

Claire, this is very nice. I would love to hear about your process of submitting to children's magazines - as I would like to do the same but have never put anything together.

Anonymous,  July 05, 2006  

Where'd you find the cute Sticky poem? (I love "stickies up your jaws"!) This one is so you.

lil kim July 05, 2006  

that is so totally adorable and I love how big the table is and all the jars with the different labels. It definitely belongs in a children's book. Good luck!!

Unknown July 05, 2006  

Love the classic children illustration book style!! Beautiful, charming illo!! Great bear!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!

Jannie aka Chickengirl July 05, 2006  

So sweet. Love the little bear and all the food. This is a great set of samples you are starting here!

Jannie aka Chickengirl July 05, 2006  

Oh and the poem is so adorable too!

Alexis July 05, 2006  

Adorable! Thanks for sharing your experiences, it's nice to hear.

trowbridge chronicles July 06, 2006  

I can see by your work how you're successful with chilcrens's books. Very nice illustration.

Anette Heiberg July 06, 2006  

This is great Claire! I love that you combine Illustration Fridays with work you can send out to magazines. The bear looks great and I really like the details on the chairs - and the poem too! Good luck with this!


valerie walsh July 06, 2006  

i just love this claire! clever to do work that serves many purposes!!!

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