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>> Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I had trouble sleeping last night and finally got up to work on an idea that was running through my head for the Illustration Friday topic: Rain. I did a sketch and wrote out a first draft of the text. Today I did this painting - it was for IF, but I had also wanted to create a sample for Babybug, one of my favourite children's magazines. I ended up revising the text and turning it into a poem. Even though it's so short it went through quite a few revisions. I read the manuscript requirements on the Babybug website and tweaked it to suit their specifications.

This illustration reminds me of my best tip for artists. I often work on illustrations and think they don't look great, and I'm tempted to give up and either start again or just get discouraged altogether. When I took a children's illustration course at OCAD I didn't always have a choice - the pictures were due whether or not I was happy with them. So I had to just keep going, try to refine and tweak the colours and work on the shading to improve the picture. And what I discovered is that almost all the time there would be a magic point where suddenly I would realize it was working. I would look at a picture that I didn't like and say, "actually it's not bad".

This painting was definitely one of those times. I kept working at it and it just seemed weak to me. I was pretty sure I would have to start again from scratch. But I kept going, and finally started to like it. I'm not saying it's perfect, but in the end I was quite pleased with the result. So that's my advice for anyone who feels their artwork isn't quite how they want it - just keep refining and you may be surprised.

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Georgia June 28, 2006  

Oh, I think it's adorable!

Franfou June 28, 2006  

children book style !!! very nice !

° June 28, 2006  

cute illo love the bend in the sidewalk reminds me oof those rope bridegs that cross ravines

ingbranch June 28, 2006  

This illo is great and the poem is fun. Makes me almost appreciate all the weather we're having on the east coast. The colors are vibrant and your character is charming. I've had some luck with Babybug in the past and am very familiar with their publication. Good luck to you.

arvindh June 28, 2006  

this is great!

Anette Heiberg June 28, 2006  

Nice, I like it. Great colors and fun with a poem too!


claudine hellmuth June 28, 2006  

wonderful! Good luck with your submission!

Janet June 28, 2006  

I like it!...and the poem( and the artist tip)

Kay Aker June 28, 2006  

This is magical - text and image!

constance wong June 28, 2006  

It's very nice and very suitable for children's story books. And thanks for sharing...I'm also going through some dilema, trying to get that right 'feel' for a project which I've put on hold for so many months...

lil kim June 28, 2006  

that so looks like it's already part of a children's book. Thanks for the tip, too - persistence, persistence, persistence!

Anonymous,  June 29, 2006  

This is adorable! So simple, yet so meticulous...I love it! Those editors would be crazy not to include this. =) Very nice!

JO June 29, 2006  

Love your poem and illo. It leaves me with a cozy feeling, perfect for Babybug. Also, I like the way your rain looks. Thanks for sharing your frustrations as well. It's definitely a part of my process.

Susan Mitchell June 29, 2006  

Very sweet and fun and perfect for little kiddies:)

astridpersons July 02, 2006  

what is it with red plastic boots for children? Mine had them too and they always looked so boldly cute in them.
Boys in red boots: classic cuteness!

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