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>> Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I think I'm procrastinating on the weekender does seem like a lot of work. The pattern seems to be quite clearly written with lots of details and if I work my way through step-by-step it should be fine. But there are a lot of steps and when you open up the big sheet covered with text and diagrams it kind of looks more like the instructions for constructing a rocket than a bag.

I almost have everything I need now though, so once I pick up the cording and thread tomorrow I'm going to get started. Really. Meanwhile I've made a tote with leftover fabric from my pillows. Which has gone right into my shop. (by the way I don't mean to sound like I'm constantly promoting my shop - but I can't stop making things and I'm running out of room... I'll show you a picture sometime but I have baskets and shelves and tins of fabric and ribbon and buttons tucked all over the place.) I even parted with a nice little vintage button for the clasp:
I like having white for bag linings - it has a nice summery airy look, and it's easier to find your things. Of course that means you have to wash it once in a while but as you know I prewashed the fabric so that would be no problem.
In illustration news I've almost finished the paintings for Cinderella!


Anonymous,  July 20, 2006  

"it kind of looks more like the instructions for constructing a rocket than a bag."

That cracked me up! Great weekend tote too!

A bird in the hand July 21, 2006  

Gorgeous bag.
I found you through Toronto craft alert.


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