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>> Thursday, July 06, 2006

I suspect I wasn't the only one, but I admit that when Hillary announced that copies of her first pattern book were going into her shop, I was ready and waiting at the computer, refreshing every 2 seconds. As soon as the booklet appeared I nabbed one, and I've been itching to make one of her rabbits ever since.

I did some fabric choosing last night, then got up this morning and did some more arranging of colours etc. The great thing about this project is that you can use up lots of odds and ends - it's a perfect project for "use what you have" because the animals are made up of quite small pieces. I used a vintage apron I've been wanting to use for ages for the dress/body, and other odds and ends for the rest. I was sort of saving the vintage apron for something special. I added an extra layer of white fabric since the apron and blue fabric were a bit thin.
Then while I was debating between being sensible and getting some illustration work done and starting up on the rabbit, something funny happened. I was gazing at the back of the booklet, which has a picture of a clock on it, and then at my clock, and I noticed that it was exactly the same time as the time on the picture of the clock. It was 9:34 am, and as I read on the booklet - "it's time to sew"! Needless to say I decided I would spend my morning on the rabbit. Well it was like a book you can't put down - it's now 3:43 pm and I've just finished sewing Hannah. She was turning out so well I didn't want to stop. I'm quite proud of her so I'm going to show lots of pictures. I hope you don't mind.

I did take a small risk making a rabbit, because as you may recall (but probably don't, why would you?) we already have a very bossy Peter rabbit. He has a tendency to steal things from the fridge and hoard them, to build forts around the apartment with things he "finds" and generally exert a bad influence over the other animals. Luckily the rest of them tend to sleep 90% of time and generally conk out on the couch before making it 3 feet. Which means he has yet to create his own personal army.

But as I worked on my rabbit, I realized that she was quite the little lady and unlikely to cause any trouble around the apartment. And now she's done I'm so happy with her! This is a close-up of her face. I pretty much followed the pattern for everything, looking at the pictures on the cover of Hillary's animals for finishing details and ideas.
This is a close-up of the collar. I added the buttoned bit like the one on the kitty on the cover of the pattern book, but I left the bottom part of the collar unattached and used a running stitch instead of blanket stitch to attach it at the top. I also added a strip of felt round the back for the back of the collar.
Here's a detail of the shoe. I chose the MaryJane version, but I was intrigued by the loafer pattern which I think would also be useful if you wanted to make a Dr. Zoidberg. All the details in the pattern are just so cute.
And finally my own personal touch, a matching tote furnished with mini paint set and book. The miniature book was made by me ages ago during my bookbinding phase. The cover is covered with a pink silk fabric. The paint set was from Science City and they probably still have them.
So all in all I'm delighted with the book, and the rabbit I made, and I really appreciate Hillary sharing her wee wonderfuls pattern with us! If you'd like to see more, be sure to visit the Flickr group.


Anonymous,  July 06, 2006  

ack! so cute! It gives me hope that I might one day make stuffies as cute as Hillary's...

laura capello July 06, 2006  

Hannah is adorable!

I was right with you, hitting refresh and anxiously awaiting the sale of the booklets. I am so looking forward to my broken foot healing so I can go back to crafting.

Belinda July 06, 2006  

She is lovely Claire, I think she is one of the nicest ones I've seen so far. I'm desperate to get my hands on a booklet. Unfortunately the time difference didn't work in my favour first time round. I'm hoping to get a copy on the second round offer.

Kate July 06, 2006  

Your colour choices are great. I have the book sitting next to me - need to have a go this weekend.

Tania Ho July 06, 2006  

she'so cute, I can't wait to start making my own wee pattern as well !

gkgirl July 06, 2006  

turned out gorgeous!
you should be proud!

Anonymous,  July 06, 2006  

so cute!!! and love the accessories!!

Heather July 06, 2006  

ADORABLE!!! I think she might turn Peter's head!

(Angie) Norththreads: July 06, 2006  

Wow, how sweet! Great job!!!

Carla July 07, 2006  

Oh dear. I just about fainted from the cute factor!
I love the tights (I'm going to have to steal that clever idea) and your tote and art supplies are perfection!

Anonymous,  July 07, 2006  

love the bunny. her tights are perfectly stripey and fun and the bow on her ear is a great touch.

i was another "refreshing" freak that morning and secured a booklet before i had to leave for the drs.

i have yet to make any yet.

Bobby La July 08, 2006  

My daughter's name is Claire! And I love your rabbit so much I want to make one... What a lovely blog you have! Your illustrations are terrific too, and your choice of fabrics... my bunnies and your bunny are desperate to be friends,


elisabetha July 08, 2006  

I do hope Peter is a gentleman treats Hannah well! She's so sweet anyway, I'm sure they get along fine.

By the way, I have finally completed my project using the retro bag pattern, and thought you'd be interested to know. You can see it at my blog here. Thank you once again for sharing the pattern with me!

Anonymous,  July 12, 2006  

as always the softie extras make the whole deal come alive!
One of the best I've seen!

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