Lining a knitted bag

>> Saturday, July 15, 2006

I made this bag some time ago from a great pattern I found at Yarn magazine. And by the way, how wonderful is that cover image with the yarn "tea"? I love it! And what a great pattern. For this bag, you knit the bottom panel first, then knit up the sides until it's as tall as you like, then add the tabs for the handles. The bottom part has an extra layer, so that you can sandwich some plastic in between to add structure to the bottom. Also it ends up being sturdier with the two layers. I cut out a rectangle from the lid of a tub of salad greens. I love the yarn they used in the pattern, but ended up using the custom cotton yarn I made in Montréal. Here's a view of the bottom:Anyway, after knitting the bag I put it aside for ages and I finally got around to lining it. And as promised I'm going to explain how I did it. First I measured each side of the bag and added a seam allowance. I cut out a front and back piece, two sides, and a bottom panel. Then I sewed some small pockets to each of the sides. As usual I made two squares sewn together so the pockets don't have any rough edges that might fray.
Then I sewed the front, back and sides together, leaving a gap the size of the seam allowance at the bottom of each seam. That's so when you add the bottom panel on, it doesn't get all puckered. Then I pinned the bottom piece on and sewed that on, sewing each side one at a time. This is what the lining looks like once it's done:The final step was to join the lining to the knitted bag. I usually sew cloth to knitted things with the cloth at the top, so the knitted part doesn't snag against the foot on your sewing machine. And that's it!
Generally a lining is a good idea because sharp things like pencils can poke through knitted bags, so your things are safer with a lining. Also it's an opportunity to add some handy pockets. Here's a view of the finished bag from the side:
And to give a sense of the size:

Incidentally, here's the post with info about the yarn I used for the green bag - I had a new comment recently asking about it.


me July 16, 2006  

Hi, Claire. I love the bag and thank you for sharing the pattern. I'm also pretty smitten with the needlebooks you've been making. Thank you for sharing the tutorials you do. They are helpful. I do want to say that as far as comments on old posts are concerened, when you receive the email, there should be a link back to your blog at the bottom of the comment. That link takes you back to the blog entry the person was responding on. At least, that is how it works for me. I hope that is helpful.

Belinda July 16, 2006  

Thanks for the how to Claire. I'm nearly about to line a bag myself. So your post will come in handy...If you ever want to get your hands on a copy Yarn, let me know I would be happy to send you a copy.

Claire Louise Milne July 16, 2006  

thanks for the offer Belinda!

Inanna July 20, 2006  

Your lined bag is really sweet. The yarn looks so yummy in there.

Anonymous,  July 27, 2006  

Um... are you allowed to sell things made from someone else's published pattern?

Claire Louise Milne July 28, 2006  

No, you are not. I contacted Yarn magazine and they have given me permission in this case.

Anonymous,  July 28, 2006  

Oi Claire, muito linda sua bolsa, vai servir de inspiração para meu próximo projeto. Bjs. Solange Cristiny

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