Have you seen Brodie?

>> Wednesday, June 07, 2006

We had a bad evening today, after a 30 minute shopping trip along Bloor we came back to collect Bradley's bike and it was gone! Someone stole his bike and left the chewed up lock behind. It was parked just north of Bloor St. on Park Rd. (just east of Yonge). At first we couldn't believe it and just stared at the shreds of the lock on the ground.

Bradley was incredibly upset - he loves that bike so much. It's a bright green Brodie Quantum, 19" bike, serial number: H0J 10729. If you see Brodie please let us know! I know it's a long shot - most of my readers I suspect are crafters, not bike shop owners but you never know...


Lucia June 08, 2006  

Am so sorry, and upset.

I wish you can soon find the bike, or Bradley can find another bike he likes.

Anonymous,  June 08, 2006  

Oh no! Poor Bradley, and poor Brodie!

There are some real jerks out there.

radmama June 08, 2006  

That sucks! My kidlets would be devestated.

jen v June 08, 2006  

I am so sorry. That is just terrible. :(

Anonymous,  June 10, 2006  

So sorry Bradley. My husband is so in love with his bikes, I hate to think how devastating it would be for him to find this! Hope it turns up.

Anonymous,  September 06, 2008  

Hi, Check Craigslist vancouver brodie quantum....one for sale in White Rock, BC

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