WIP- Peppermint twist sweater

>> Saturday, June 10, 2006

I've finished the front of my sweater! Valentina guessed right - it's the Peppermint Twist pattern from the Stitch n' Bitch book. The one in the book is more pinks with white so it looks more like a peppermint stick candy, with the twisting stripes - hence the name. For aforementioned reasons mine has a lot more orange in it, and brown. I do like how the colours turned out in the end though. The sleeves are going to be all light pink - as the pattern suggests - partly because that's what I have left to work with.

I took the picture at this angle so you can get the sense of how much I've accomplished - stripes as far as the eye can see. It looks huge, but it's actually the size medium with an extra inch of length. The one in the picture seemed a little short, I don't like having to tug my shirts down all the time to avoid the bare midriff look. Although if I looked like the model in the book maybe I'd be ok with it. I was relieved to find that I had enough of each colour to do the back (which is exactly the same) - because I don't think I could create the same dye colours over again. (p.s. I'm joining in with a WIP post after reading Blair's lovely blog today.)

In illustration news I'm now working on sketches for Cinderella - I love it! This is exactly what I hoped I'd be doing some day. They're quite rough at the moment but I'll give you a peek:In this version, Cinderella sews her own dress for the ball, but the mean stepsisters ruin it. Which of course is when her fairy godmother appears. As you might imagine I loved sketching her old-fashioned sewing box - it's a spot illustration on the page that faces the page with Cinderella in her homemade dress.

In etsy shop news I've added another apple pincushion. I'm also planning to make some needle books soon.


Anonymous,  June 10, 2006  

I obviously need to get out more. Your colours are great.

julie June 11, 2006  

Wow, you definately do knit fast - looks great!

Knit Picking June 11, 2006  

I prefer your orange version of the sweater. It still reminds me of candies. Ribbons, to be exact. I haven't seen them anywhere other than in the maritimes.

Your Cinderella looks sad (and righfuly so), but those step-sisters look real mean and bitter. I'm sure Cinderella will look radiant at the end. I hope you will post her in all her glory ;)

astridpersons June 11, 2006  

wouldn't it be fun if you would draw your handmade pincushion (in the illustration) : only your blogreaders would notice this little signature!

Claire Louise Milne June 11, 2006  

thanks for the comments - it's a lovely idea astrid - I do like to put secret references in my pictures. :-)

Anonymous,  June 12, 2006  

i love your sketches and can't wait to see more!

Anonymous,  June 13, 2006  

Nice blog. I'm going to link to you. I feel I should know you but don't. I feel homesickness for Canada and even Toronto.

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