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>> Friday, June 23, 2006

My Cinderella sketches are done, so I have some extra time now for crafts. I showed you the fabric I loved with the dotted now I've made it into a new bag. I wanted a soft one that will fold up small so I can take it with me on trips. I chose some brown linen to line it with, then realized it showed through the white fabric a bit. So I reversed the bag so that the white patterned fabric is now the lining. The picture up top shows the bag packed with stuff. The two front pockets are just right for my cell in one and ipod in the other. In particular please note that I am very spoiled and Bradley bought me this crafts magazine. I usually don't buy this one, but it had a good article about covering books and boxes with fabric and making portfolios, and also an interview with Amy Butler! I will show you some pictures in another post.

I really like how my new bag turned out and it was a great use-what-you-have project. The brown linen came from a shirt of Bradley's that was too large, so I cut out the main piece of fabric from the back panel. Then an extra piece to make the front pocket, with handsewn buttonholes and the buttons from the shirt. Then I used an extra piece for a sunglasses case. It's lined with the patterned white fabric, which you can hardly see unless you peek right inside. It's hard to see but I know it's there - so oh well. And I love love love the black vintage button I found in my collection to use as the fastener.
This is the bag without anything inside. It's very simple to make, just two squares sewn together, once in the lining fabric and again in the outer fabric, then sewn to each other. I added some skinny straps and a pocket on the outside. The bottom corners are squared to give it a bit of depth. The only tricky part was the buttonholes for the pocket - a handsewn buttonhole is just blanket stitching with thread (or twist if you have it!) but you have to take care to keep it even as you go around, and snugly spaced so there aren't any gaps and the fabric doesn't fray.
p.s. here are some samples of my completed Cinderella sketches...


Belinda June 23, 2006  

Love the bag Claire, especially that button. I need to get myself some vintage buttons...

Anonymous,  June 24, 2006  

The bag is fabulous and I know it's a little detail, but I absolutely love the placement of the shoulder straps...on most large totes, they seem to be placed too close to the center and the bag doesn't hang right. And...the illustrations are brilliant, the button on the bag is perfect and I'm still wondering if the poor stolen bike ever found its way home...whew!

Susan Mitchell June 24, 2006  

This is really lovely, and that fabric looks fantastic on the inside:) Would you consider posting a picture of how you square the corners of the bag to make it more roomy? I am sure it is simple, but never managed to work out how!

Natalie June 24, 2006  

that bag is really gorgeous! And I second the corner squaring demonstration. just one of those things I can't figure out. As always, I love what you've made!

Olugbemisola (Mrs.Pilkington) June 24, 2006  

love, love, love the bag! great fabric combination.
and your sketches are lovely as usual!

Anonymous,  June 24, 2006  

I love your drawings & the bag too!

Anonymous,  June 26, 2006  

What a fabulous bag and your sketches are beautiful.

gkgirl June 26, 2006  

loving the bag...
the brown is so rich!

African Kelli June 28, 2006  

Love, love, love that bag. Will you do a tutorial?

Erin October 12, 2008  

Wow this is such a gorgeous bag! Would you ever do a tutorial on this? Please tell me if you do, I would love to learn how to sew a bag like this!

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