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>> Friday, June 16, 2006

I've begun making needle books to put in the shop. I started with this one which I finished late last night and put into my etsy shop. It's already sold! But now I've worked out the pattern and I'm going to make lots more. I have so many great fabrics to use - for this one the embroidery on the front was inspired by the reproduction fabric in the lining.

In other news I did a wee bit of thrift shopping yesterday. I haven't done as much lately, but I loved this pillow case I found:
It's a nice sturdy 100% cotton, and I've decided to use it to make two little shoppers - the kind that tuck into a little pouch. Here's another picture of the pattern - I love the subtle colour scheme. And my other favourite new things are these lovely notebooks that Bradley bought for me. I've been eyeing both of them for a while now. They were from Indigo. I've started to use the circles one for my little sketches when I design my crafts things. I usually draw my ideas and label the sketch with the fabrics I'd like to use or general ideas. For example for bags, I work out what I want to put inside and where extra pockets should go etc.
I just have a thing for notebooks and I can't resist ones like these. The circles one even has a little pocket inside the front cover. I do actually use them every day, I'm always doing little sketches or jotting down lists. Once I get inspired I have to scribble it all down before I forget!

p.s. I ordered/reserved some of the pink flower lanterns from the Japanese Paper Store. They're going to call me when they arrive. I'm planning to use them to decorate the tree we're getting married under and the tent. So after they get used that one time I'll have extra ones left over. I'll mention them on my blog in case anyone is still wanting one at the end of September!


Anonymous,  June 19, 2006  

ooooh, I've been hoping to see more of your needlebooks! I love the inside fabric--darling! I'll have to keep a look out for your new ones. And congratulations on your new books--the one you posted is lovely ;-)

Anonymous,  June 19, 2006  

I love your needlebooks-hmm, maybe someday we can swap?
I love to hear all your plans-it sounds wonderful and I am so excited for you!
xo abby

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