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>> Thursday, June 01, 2006

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Well this is really last minute! But I wanted to do the topic "cake" mostly because I love cake, but I also had an idea I liked for this topic. It's from a story I've wanted to illustrate ever since I found the book in my local library when I was little. It's a fairytale story by J.R.R. Tolkien called Smith of Wootton Major.

The scene I've illustrated is a special midwinter party for twenty-four children that involves a wonderful cake. This particular cake is iced to look like a snowy mountain with trees and topped with a fairy. There are lots of details so it's best to see it larger, but here's a detail:I would have liked more time but I just finished the final art for Puss in Boots yesterday, so I just had part of today to work on it. But better late than never!


Anastasia June 02, 2006  

This is wonderful!!
what a super dooper cake!

ruby-crowned kinglette June 02, 2006  

that is so sweet. i love the two girls holding each others arms and talking.... i am going to have to look for the story, i don't know it....

Anette Heiberg June 02, 2006  

wow - this looks fantastic Claire! I love the details - and what a great cake!


Amy Zaleski June 02, 2006  

This is simply wonderful!! I've never read that Tolkien story (think his other work got overshadowed by Lord of the Rings? Nah...) ~ it sounds delightful, as is your painting. I love your watercolors ~ Puss in Boots is exceptional!

Todd DeWolf June 02, 2006  

Now that is a cake! Wondeful work. Cheers!

Funky Finds June 02, 2006  

this is fabulous!

Susan Mitchell June 02, 2006  

This is really beautiful Claire, so much detail and lovely colours, and you finished Puss in Boots too - well done!

Anonymous,  June 02, 2006  

This one is lovely, Claire. The illustration style reminds me a little bit of the Madeline books ... maybe it's the colours? It has a wonderful old-fashioned feel to it.

It's official: you're not a hack!

Heather June 02, 2006  

No definitely not a hack! I was thinking that this would make a great illustration on a set of delux Christmas cards.

Anonymous,  June 02, 2006  

It makes me think of Madeline, too! I think it's all the kids grouped around the table.

What a beautiful, beautiful illustration.

Jannie aka Chickengirl June 02, 2006  

wow gorgeous! So many things to look at! I wouldnt have the patience to draw all those children around the table (plus their plates!) looks amazing.

Anonymous,  June 02, 2006  

I remember loving the story of Smith of Wootton Major--I read it along with Farmer Giles of Ham, and maybe something about Tom Bombadil, too? Thank you for sharing this beautiful illustration (is that the fairy queen outside the window?), and for reminding me of Smith so I can share his story with my son! We love cake books around here: The Duchess Bakes a Cake, Thundercake, The Seven Silly Eaters, all family favorites. Thanks again!

lera June 03, 2006  


Anonymous,  June 05, 2006  

a wonderful illustration - it makes me want to read the book, but first a piece of cake please!

Mia Charro June 07, 2006  

wow, i love this illo. The faces are very innocent. great work!

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