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The front. This one is made with Mameyakko fabric SOLD

Ahh, just when I was getting used to posting more often our internet stopped working! Well it's back again but of course living without the internet makes you realize how much you rely on it to stay connected.
The side. This one is made with Joel Dewberry fabric from the Ginseng collection

So one of my jobs the last couple of weeks was making some backpacks. I had designed one for myself because I just wasn't finding ones I liked in stores. And as much as I like messenger bags and other styles sometimes you just have to carry around a big bunch of stuff and the backpack is a lot easier on your back!

I had a request after I had sold the only backpack I had in my etsy shop for me to make another one. I decided to make a few so that I could try to streamline the work a bit. These things are really time consuming! Even just cutting out all the pieces took ages.
The inside. This one is made with Amy Butler fabric from the Lotus line

Luckily me-in-the-past had done an amazingly helpful thing for me-in-the-present which was create pattern pieces for the backpacks along with a long list of the steps it takes to make them. Phew! So now they're done and I'm putting them the shop... except for the one that was chosen by the person who requested one in the first place.

You may have already noticed, but I've added a widget on my sidebar so you can see what's in my etsy shop. This way you know when there's anything in the shop and don't have to visit it when it's empty. See, I'm trying to keep up with new blogging things!
The back. This one is made with Amy Butler fabric from the Midwest Modern line


karyn September 09, 2009  

your backpacks are adorable. the blue chrysanthemum fabric is one of my all time favourites!

Jessica September 10, 2009  

Love these. Nice work!

Yvonne September 10, 2009  

Wow. Love your backpacks. I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet.

Sam September 11, 2009  

They are LOVELY!!
I'm sure they will sell really well!

Sam x

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